The Dazzling Designs of Destiney Bleu Demand Respect

The Dazzling Designs of Destiney Bleu Demand Respect

Rising fashion designer Destiney Bleu is bringing effulgence back into style with crystallized designs that are paving the way in music and entertainment. Her company “d.bleu.dazzled” specializes in lingerie, performance wear, and hosiery that are nothing less than dreamy. Her work has grasped the attention of many that command a stage presence, and has often been enlisted to help breathe life into their creative visions.

With roots that stem from Lorain, OH, Destiney Bleu started to exercise her skills in costume design at the age of three. Her background in cheerleading and dance helped to hone her vision for each extravagant piece. With designs encrusted in diamonds and crystals, she hopes to bridge the gap between the stage and the street so that every woman can feel radiant.

“Zodiac” Lace Catsuit (Photo:

In a recent interview with Nylon, she mentions her goal of making her designs unique to the wearer. “I’ve always wanted to be an American Apparel meets Build-A-Bear where you have trusted bases, but you can make it your own so you feel like it’s just for you,” she said.

Cardi B 2019 Grammy’s (Photo: Getty Images)

Ashley Graham 2019 Met Gala (Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images)

Her designs haven’t gone unnoticed, and has grabbed the likes of many celebrities in music and entertainment. She was the genius behind Cardi B’s 2019 shimmery Grammy’s performance look where the rapper stunned in a black glistening catsuit. She also collaborated with Gucci and Dapper Dan to create Ashley Graham’s iconic 2019 Met Gala ensemble, and has designed for Lady Gaga, the late Nipsey Hussle, Normani and many more.

Beyoncé “Formation” tour (Photo: Pinterest)

Photo: “Black Is King” film

Photo: “Black Is King” film

Most notably, Destiney has designed a plethora of powerful and polished looks for singer Beyoncé who is one of her biggest fans. She created alluring performance wear for Beyoncé’s “Formation Tour” in 2016,  her and Jay-Z’s “On The Run II Tour” in 2018, and most recently her film “Black Is King” over the summer.

With every success story, an individual is bound to face and overcome obstacles. In the midst of the pandemic, Destiney’s fashion label “d.bleu.dazzled” has faced challenges and is now recovering from a decrease in finances. While speaking with Nylon, she mentions how she had to restructure her brand and adjust to a new norm. 

“I was forced to find some structure. We’re a nonessential business so I even had to monitor when I was coming to the office during the day,” Bleu says. “I’m thankful because with quarantine it pushed me back into being inspired and starting to love what I do again. … Working with fewer celebrities helped me really focus on my sh*t; I feel less forced without so many deadlines on my back.”

“LOOK BUT DON’T TOUCH” Crewneck Photo: (

“STAY BACK 6 FT” Sweatpants (Photo:

Part of the reorganization of her brand includes an expansion of new and affordable pieces for customers to purchase on her website. Along with her signature heavily embellished pieces, she now offers more laid back designs that include sweats, hoodies, and more that are still hinted with crystallized patterns. 

Destiney Bleu has proved that nothing can stop her rise in the fashion industry, and is here to stay.

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