EMG Models Agent And Booker Danielle Grande

Danielle Grande

EMG Models Agent And Booker Danielle Grande

Danielle Grande explains to us what her role at EMG entails and what does it look like to be an agent-booker in one of the busiest cities in the world. An agent oftentimes called also “booker”, is in charge of maintaining schedules and administrative specifics in a talent’s career.
Agents are imperative in the fashion, tv, film, and music businesses. They’re the ones who keep track of everyone and everything. Would you be ready to be an agent? If being always on a roll and possessing great patience in dealing with creative teams, then this might be your path.
Danielle Grande

Vivian Zheng with EMG Models (Danielle’s client)

What do you do at your job at EMG Models?
My name is Danielle Grande. I am currently a Booker at EMG Models. I graduated from the University of Tampa with a Marketing degree and have a background as a professional dancer and event assistant. I have been in the modeling agency world for almost 4 years starting as an assistant and eventually moving to the Agent/Booker role. In my role at EMG I scout models, vet potential clients, present model options and handle the booking process from start to finish. Some previous clients include L’Oréal, Saks, MAC Cosmetics, and many more!  
Is there any difference between “booker” or “agent”? What are some of the biggest misconceptions around those roles?
I have been referred to as an Agent and a Booker. They are interchangeable in the industry. As an agent or booker you are booking the jobs, managing schedules “charts” and working to get the best possible projects for the models you represent. The biggest misconception is the glamour of the job. While at very select times it can be glamorous most of the time it looks like frantic late-night emails, multitasking, and constant issues arising on both sides. 
Danielle Grande

Model Anna Eberg with EMG Models (Danielle’s client)

What kind of skills is necessary for your position?
Organization, persistence, and drive. I am constantly working! Being reachable at all times and always striving to provide the client with the best possible options and provide your models with the best possible projects.
What’s the environment at EMG Models?
EMG Models has always been a welcoming environment. We work collaboratively to always give our models and clients the best experience. 

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