The Coastal Grandmother Aesthetic

The Coastal Grandmother Aesthetic

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What is it?

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The “coastal grandmother” aesthetic is a lifestyle that incorporates ocean-side minimalism without being overly preppy. Although it is an overall lifestyle, the main components of it come from fashion choices. Its attire includes crisp linen outfits, neutral shades, classic stapes such as button downs, and overall simplicity in clothing. This style highlights timeless pieces and elevates simplicity in clothing. It exudes a nonchalant lifestyle that conjures up images of carefree days relaxing on a luxurious beach while drinking wine. It is great for people who love to wear relaxed clothing but still want to refined. Overall, the coastal grandmother fashion is a beachy, romantic aesthetic.

Who Created it?

Lex Nicoleta explaining her phrase, (Photo via Buzzfeed News)

It’s no shock that this interesting fashion trend came from Tik Tok. The aesthetics of coastal grandmother have been present on Tik Tok since 2021. However, Tik Tok user Lex Nicoleta invented the phrase “coastal grandmother” to encapsulate this lifestyle and fashion. First, she used the phrase as a joke and then went on to describe the term in her next video. Her video prompted mainstream outlets, such as Refinery29, Buzzfeed, and Glamour to inform their audiences about this newly coined phrase. As a result, the media’s dispersion of this phrase fueled the desire of many to embody this phrase. This lifestyle isn’t anything new; movies such as It’s Complicated or Something’s Gotta Give brought this aesthetic to life. However, no overarching phrase existed for this lifestyle until recently.

How To Wear It

From the sounds and looks of it, it makes sense that most people would want to join this trend. Who doesn’t want to feel relaxed and look sophisticated at the same time? Now that we understand this trend, let’s discuss what the best clothing stores are for channeling your inner coastal grandmother. This style follows a strict color palate of white, tan and shades of blue and green only. In addition, this style does not incorporate prints and the structuring of clothing is quite basic. In accordance with this, the first place that comes to mind for this aesthetic is J.Crew. J. Crew embraces selling new classics which consist of button downs, linen, neutral colors, cashmere sweaters, and more. Similarly, the brands Everlane and COS are minimalistic and exude sophistication. However, the components of this aesthetic are timeless pieces that can be found in most clothing stores.

J. Crew Promo Shoot 2007, (Photo via JCrew on Instagram)

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