Clavon Leonard FW18 Show

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Ordinarily Monday nights aren’t filled with glamour, allure or intrigue however, tonight was an exception to that rule. Brought to you by menswear designer Clavon Leonard which shockingly happens to be the name of his brand. Clavon Leonard’s Fall/Winter 2018 show was a presentation wonderfully displayed to showcase well drafted designs and a sense of transition.

I spoke with the designer, Mr. Leonard himself, and he informed me that indeed the transition began on the left side of the open space. “I believe in 3’s…the viewing starts with the colorless creations that offer utility and functionality.” Leonard continues to explore his inspirations. “When positioning yourself in the center of the room you are able to see cool colors that set a tone that is a bit less serious.” I observe the room while he simultaneously points to the final remnants of his latest collection.

“Here we can see the ultimate use of vibrant colors to convey freedom of expression still keeping that masculine feel.” It was a beautiful interpretation to accompany his eye catching work.

Clavon Leonard, who has been featured in publications like, Essence, NY Times, and British Vogue, took me deeper into his thought process. I asked him to discuss specific items in his lineup. “I have an urge to use a lot of patterns, prints and colors because I feel that men can be very limited in what they are allowed to wear.” Leonard informed me that he seeks to offer more varied options to the average man’s wardrobe. He returns to his ideology of the 3 important components that makes up a mans form of dressing. “Every successful man should have 3 things: a suit, a coat, and a bag.” Throughout the collection you can see how he emphasized this idea as all of the men are wearing either a suit, a coat, or a bag.

The presentation took place in a free standing space where guests were allowed to mingle and get a closer look at his clothes.  Exquisite refreshments in addition to luxurious liquor was available for all the individuals who chose to partake. I talked to several guests who were quite enthused by the incredibly vivacious live band.  Others amazed by the breathtaking designs and even confirmed their attendance at the womenswear show that will take place on Saturday Feb. 10th. Clavon Leonard appeals to a crowd both young and old with innovative designs and a colorful weekender bag that just so happens to be my personal favorite.

Check out the collection below:

Instagram: @ClavonLeonard

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