Christopher Raxxy Redefines Quilted Fashion

Christopher Raxxy Redefines Quilted Fashion

The luxury jacket brand Christopher Raxxy takes quilted fashion to glorious new heights. 

Chinese Traditions

Jointly founded in Shanghai and Milan by creative director William Shen and model Fang Jiaping in 2020, the brand sticks to Chinese cultural traditions. The techniques used within the designs have gained Christopher Raxxy national and international patents. For example, bamboo weaving is a common technique in the construction of the brand’s 3D down jackets.

Shen’s intricate and elegant designs are a product of mathematics. This only makes sense as the designer has claimed to have won every mathematical competition he has entered since childhood. As a result, Shen frequently applies geometric fractals to his designs, which repeat to form a cohesive structural unit. 

Fall/Winter 23-24

The Fall/Winter 2023-2024 collection, presented during Milan Fashion Week, received especially great praise. The collection’s theme centers around the Chinese word “Han,” which translates to “cold” in English. An array of light and cool shades sweep the runway in the form of avant-garde puffers. The sculptural aspect of the garments, however, results from the fusion of down with bamboo weaving, where details are etched out layer by layer. 

In a review of the collection by QuiltingDaily, the outlet commends Shen’s application of geometry and angles, which, “are transformed, repeated, and combined, resulting in both new and complex structures.” It also regards Shen’s use of mathematical concepts including symmetry, tesselations, as well as topology, which studies the way an object reacts under continuous deformation, i.e., bending, twisting, etc. 

Past Christopher Raxxy collections are available on the brand’s site. This includes an iconic 5D goose down trench, which features the patented “Great Wall” pattern. The jacket boasts a playful, pastel-like yellow and blue color scheme contrasted with sections of army green. The brand is not only unique to jackets, however, with down shawls, shirts, sweaters, and vests available for purchase as well.

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