Celebrity Fashionista of the Week: Hailey Bieber

Celebrity Fashionista of the Week: Hailey Bieber

Hailey Bieber is slaying the game with her stylish outfits this past month. Bieber is a style icon for Gen Z, and her recent looks only enforce this idea. She has been extremely busy with promoting her new skincare line Rhode, making many appearances at different places nationwide this week. With each new place, Bieber manages to sport different outfits that are all incredibly chic. Recently, Bieber wore five different outfits in one day around NYC while promoting Rhode. Each outfit was different but all were equally adorable. Because of Bieber’s stunning outfit changes, Bieber has earned Celebrity Fashionista of the Week. The five looks she wore in only one day around NYC are ranked and detailed below.

1: Hailey Bieber Appearing on Jimmy Fallon

Hailey Bieber wore a stunning gold sequined dress by 16Arlington for her talk with late nigh show host Jimmy Fallon. She accessorized this dress with clear perspex heels and gold earrings. Bieber opted for minimal accessories with little makeup, and no other jewelry besides her earrings. This dress is timeless with its gold sequins, tighter fit, and longer length. Bieber’s choice of little accessories allows the dress to speak for itself. The keyhole string neckline adds some edginess to this classic look. Overall, this look is incredibly flattering and a head turner.

2. Penultimate Appearance

Hailey Bieber was spotted wearing a little black dress from Sportsmax. This dress isn’t your ordinary LBD; it has a unique structuring in which the skirt flares out with two pocket flaps. The structuring of this dress is truly mesmerizing. The long sleeves and turtleneck give this dress a sophisticated look. Similarly, her sleek bun adds to the level of sophistication. She accessorized with a pair of black Jimmy Choo slingbacks, drop earrings, and small sunglasses. Once again, Bieber’s choice to accessorize minimally rewarded her greatly.

3. Beginning of the Day Look

Bieber began her day with a stunning black blazer and mini skirt by Aggi. The cinched waist flatters Bieber’s curves beautifully and turns the blazer into a dress. In addition, Bieber wore Bottega Veneta loafers, small gold necklaces, and gold earrings from Tiffany & Co. The simplicity of this outfit is what makes it so fashionable. I love her choice to wear longer white socks with the loafers; they add a nice contrast with the harsh black of the loafers. They also emphasize Bieber’s beautiful tan skin.

4. Appearance on the ‘Kelly And Ryan Show’

Hailey Bieber was in a monochrome mood opting for an all camel outfit. Bieber wore a camel suit by Sportmax and Jimmy Choo camel pumps. She also wore her favorite tiny black sunglasses. Bieber once again kept it minimal with no bulky jewelry and a natural makeup look. Overall, Bieber proves with all of her outfits that less is truly more.

5. Good Morning America Appearance

Earlier that day, Bieber wore a long sleeve midi white dress by Jil Sander. For her accessories, Bieber chose a pair of white slingback pumps from By Far and gold earrings. Bieber reinforces her simplistic style with this outfit. Similarly, it is elegant and Bieber understands that it doesn’t need excessive accessories for it to make an impression. However, the reason I ranked this as last is because I don’t love the slit and the neckline looks lopsided. Other than that, it is a beautiful look.

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