These Beaded Bracelets Are Back In Style

These Beaded Bracelets Are Back In Style

Featured Image via Hailey Hinton

By Hailey Hinton 4/9/20201

Especially in today’s fashion world, what’s old is new again. Remember those stretchy beaded friendship bracelets you used to wear as a kid–yeah, those are back in style! If there’s any trend I wasn’t more excited about to make a comeback, it’s these.   

This style of bracelets started to resurface in the past year or so in department stores like Nordstrom, online stores like Baublebar, and small businesses like Etsy. People have gotten creative with them and put single inspiring words on them, initials, or names. 


From first thought, these bracelets can look childish–but as per usual, creators have made them into something that now everyone wants to wear. 

For starters, the beads on many of these bracelets now are gold or silver, which give them more of an adult or mature touch. 

Another thing done to make them more appealing to millennials are the different styles–some just plain gold beaded, others with a word on them, some also have mini charms, or you can have a combination of the three to make it really personal. 

What is most appealing about these bracelets though, is that they are casual enough to wear during the day, but cute enough to wear on a girls night out with more dressy attire. Everyone loves to wear jewelry that can be worn for multiple occasions, and these fall into that category. 

Photo via Baublebar

These bracelets also stack incredibly well with other bracelets like chains or cuffs.

And of course, they make amazing gifts. They’re not too expensive, and are a little more customizable than an average cuff of bangle.

The next time you’re thinking about buying a bracelet(s) you can wear all the time, check them out. 

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