Athletes’ Fashion Lines

Athletes’ Fashion Lines

(Image via CR7)

Serena Williams

This 23 Grand Slam winner is more than just an amazing tennis player. While winning her championships, Williams was attending fashion school at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. Although she studied in the early 2000’s, she finally decided to launch a clothing line in 2018 in hopes of “empowering people to look and feel their absolute best”. The clothing line, S by Serena, produces everything from colorful cocktail dresses to body suits. Serena also launched her jewelry line in 2019 which is inspired by women and focuses on life’s milestones.

Venus Williams

A 7-time Grand Slam winner, Venus Williams also attended fashion school alongside her sister, launching her own fashion line as well. EleVen’s goal is to “give women quality activewear” that makes them feel and perform great. The brand was created in 2007 and offers more than just activewear, such as beauty products, lotion, and face serum, to keep the skin glowing.

Russel Wilson and Ciara

This Super Bowl Champion quarterback, along with his wife, singer Ciara, have together launched their own clothing line. The House of LR & C, standing for love, respect, and care, works to make the fashion industry inclusive and community led. Since 2020, the brand has offered casual clothing, including swimwear and accessories. The House of LR & C is a mixture of Russel’s brand, the Good Man Brand, and LITA, standing for love is the answer, by Ciara.  

Cristiano Ronaldo

The Portuguese soccer player launched his own brand, CR7, in 2006. The brand represents his name and the number he wears on the field. Before it became a clothing line in 2018, the brand was specifically an underwear line styled for breathability and comfort. Now the brand offers luxury shirts, pants, fragrances and accessories. The company’s main focus is to keep men feeling and looking sharp on and off the field.

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