Alára Hosts a Private Dinner with CÎROC

Alára Hosts a Private Dinner with CÎROC

Reni Folawiyo, founder and director of Alára, hosted a private dinner to celebrate the end of the pop-up concept shop for Africa Fashion exhibit at the Brooklyn museum. A night that cultivated Aftican culture, fashion, food, art, and design, the pop-up shop was full of ready-to-wear items that gave insight into contempory style from Africa directly. As stated by their press release, “this marks the first foray for Alára outside of the continent but is a signal of global plans and ambitions to open the pathways for African fashion, design, and culture to take its rightful place on the world stage.”

Alexander Julian’s Thoughts

Photo provided by Mariyesi Acosta Diaz

“Connecting the threads of both people and brands while propelling African culture are pivotal to my work as a creative director and collaborator. Being able to bring together brands which personifies the excellence of the diaspora in different corners of the world, along with the support of CIROC that has been fanning the embers of Black culture, is a perfect representation of what the collaboration between African Fashion and the Brooklyn Museum means to me. I am honored to be a part of it and excited for what more will come out of it,” said Alexander-Julian, Curator and Creative Director.

A Celebration of African Culture

A dinner that celebrated African culture and cuisine, there were family-style courses available for all guests. Prepared by Chef Serigne Mbaye of Dakar NOLA, a semi-finalist of the James Beard Award 2023. He created a gorgeous atmosphere that fostered connections and conversations with cocktails provided by CÎROC and Crown Royal. Full of intricate patterns and diverse patchwork, each item in the pop-up concept shop shined in its own unique way. Showcasing vibrant colors and shapes, this collection perfectly embodied African fashion and Black culture through design. All pieces can be worn on a multitude of body types and in different styles.

Featured Photo provided by Mariyesi Acosta Diaz

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