AKNVAS SS21 by Christian Juul Nielson


Fashion Week Virtually!

September 15, 2020

Written by Celeste Alyssa Gomez

This is my first time attending Fashion Week virtually, and it has been a lively experience. I can just imagine how it would be in person. Just picture chic and contemporary. These designs that are modeled tell stories that are chaotically beautiful, and from my computer, my eyes glistened from their presence. Fashion is so versatile and expressive, and one of the designers that I will discuss with you is none other than Danish Designer, Christian Juul Nielson. The founder of AKNVAS (ah-can-vas). 

This is a contemporary line that showcases Women and Menswear. The color palette is bright colors that speak freedom. They are playful in a way where it is seen someone can be taken seriously without dull colors. The ensemble Nielson displays are edgy and spoken especially for the women’s collection. The model has many buttoned-down shirts that are limitless. They are draping or tucked in to emphasize the silhouette in order to support a versatile and relaxed look. Depending on the shoe, a person can wear these outfits for a night out, interview, or a personal event. The colors scream summer, but they can be worn for fall as well. My favorite outfits from the women’s collection were Look 14, Look 17, and Look 5.

For the men’s collection sparks life because the way the model is positioned screams adventure. Moreover, the close-ups for Look 2, 5, and 8, gave me The Thinker vibe here. I was feeding off the energy, and what I can say is that I was impressed with the jumpsuits. Look 1 and 7 [insert pictures] were my favorite because this is a sense of style many people my age would wear. I was curious as to why the male model was wearing only sandals. I wonder how the vibe would change if the shoe was replaced with something else. I actually like the sandal. I feel like sandals need to be paired with more business-style clothes.

In the end, both collections were unique with patterns, color, and identity. Being a first-timer it was definitely something to learn from artistically. You can see the love put into each design, and that’s what makes them even more special.


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AKNVAS SS21 by Christian Juul Nielson