A Resurgence of Girlhood: The Bow

A Resurgence of Girlhood: The Bow

Girlhood can be captured through almost anything: from wrapping your hair in your mom’s curlers, to applying your best friend’s eyeliner, to annotating swirling hearts in romance novels—its essence lies in nostalgia and shades of pink. In an era of “coquette-core,” women everywhere are channeling their inner Lana Del Rey and donning bows. Typically regarded as childish, bows have remained on prep school uniforms or three year olds. But girlhood is all but a frivolous aesthetic—it also encompasses walking home alone, insecurity, and heartache. As the bow comes back in style, let it serve as a badge of femininity for all to see.

The Year of the Rebrand


2023 is the year of the rebrand. Uggs have shrunk down to mini sizes, skinny jeans grown baggy, and preppy hair bows seem to decorate every garment imaginable. Now bows are back in style. The ever-so-chic accessory has mass appeal. Why? Because it doesn’t take away from the outfit, it provides a cutesy flair to an otherwise bland look. This modern upgrade made its resurgence at the 2023 Met Gala—bows littered the red, err white, carpet. 


PHOTO: INSTAGRAM @glencocoforhair captured by @dennisleupold 

Celebrities like Sydney Sweeney and Emily Ratajkowski ranked high on best-dressed lists everywhere. The common denominator? A classic black bow. This new romantic aesthetic calls for glittery pastels and dreamy silhouettes. Brands everywhere are adopting this delicate, confectionary-coded look. From LoveShackFancy to Chanel, designers everywhere are embracing girlhood at its finest.  So run to your nearest craft store, purchase $1 ribbon, and tie it in your hair. Tie bows on your shoes, headphones, tote bags, the works. Don’t worry if people think it’s unnecessary or vain—it’ll be like a secret club of girlhood.

Featured Photo: @thefashionaries

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