’90s Trends in 2019

’90s Trends in 2019

Within every generation lies a set of associated trends. These overarching themes come and g, but are mistakably always connected to that one group. Actions, moods, ideas, and impulses become statements of fashion. Similar can be said for millennials – the generation of the nineties. During an era where  Instagram influencers, fake news, and political and social movements its understandable the sudden nostalgia millennials are experiencing for the brief period before inception of life-dominating technology. In recent years there has been a growing influx of barrettes, bucket hats, and chunky white sneakers. ’90s fashion is currently at its prime during this current satirical climate and, despite the evolutionary, groundbreaking progress being made around the world, there is an innate, overwhelming longing for a simpler, more transparent past. Frankly, millennials are getting older, creeping slowly into their thirties, with one hundred thousand dollars worth of student debt. To them, each purchase of a box of lucky charms, an added charm to their bracelet, or a glide of bubble gum scented Lip Smackers feeds a certain nostalgia – one that continues to bring them back to their wee years. With nineties fashion seeing a rebirth into contemporary trends, here are some of our favorite looks that have brought us back, decades ago, adding to this new wave of escapism. 


The hair accessory of our childhoods made a comeback at New York Fashion week only a few months ago, and they are still going strong. Pearl clips, neutral pins, and floral ensembles are being worn on long, wavy hair and pixie bobs alike, adding new personality to our looks.

Fanny Packs


Once upon a time, we linked the frumpy, belly sack with obnoxious tourists who pranced around with cameras bigger than their skull hanging on their necks, snapping pictures of red doors and tall buildings. Now, we are replacing our embellished clutches with them and calling ourselves “fashion forward babes.”

Chunky Sneakers

Just a couple of years ago, sleek tennis shoes were our “go tos” Today, brands such as Filas and Adidas are reissuing their version of the chunky sneakers, paying special homage to the old, yet all the while making them new. While the classic is the clean and fresh white model, spin offs include embellishments of lace, bedazzled glitter, along with transparent fabrics. 

Mary Janes

One of this Spring’s top shoe revivals are these ballet flat variations. These commuter-friendly darlings are taking us from the subway, through Central Park, and to the grocery story all without the ugly blisters that heels seem to gift us with.

Slip Dresses

These slinky, lingerie dresses take us all the way back to the days of Marilyn Monroe posing against the wild fire hydrant. This trend seems to be virtually immortal. At one time, it served as an undergarment, and ultimately evolved into one of our favorite cocktail dresses.

Workout Wear



Between pop up colors leopard prints, and relaxing neutrals, sexy and sport gym clothes are not only for our exercise sessions. The fabulousness and motivation we feel in the gym with a cute workout outfit is earning a place in our everyday wardrobes as well.


Dungarees are no longer just for frumpy, Midwest farmers. A variety of denim ensembles – short and low – from dresses to skorts are making their way back into our wardrobes.

Doc Martens

These menswear-inspired styles take us way back. From combat boots to platform sandals, Doc Martens and rolling back into our wardrobes like lunchables and old school R&B.

Matching Sets

Back in the day, matching sets were cute. Today, they are elegant. In a montage of styles from patterned pastels to neutral crops and flowing tulle skirts these sleek outfits are not only easy to pair with a blazer and heels, but also make for the perfect statement both at the office as well as during that first date.

Mini Backpacks

Luxury designers such as Yves Saint Laurent and Chanel, as well as mainstream retailers like Zara and H&M have been quick to embrace the return of the once forgotten mini backpack.

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