8-Bit and Highstreet Are Bridging The Gap Between The Physical World and The Metaverse

8-Bit and Highstreet Are Bridging The Gap Between The Physical World and The Metaverse

Jonathan Koon, who is an entrepreneur, artist, and founder of luxury fashion brand Mostly Heard Rarely Seen 8-Bit is teaming up with Highstreet, the leading retail focused web3 metaverse, to launch the first of its kind “phygital” experience on July 25th, that links physical retail shopping seamlessly into the digital metaverse.

This partnership between Highstreet and Jonathan Koon will act as a bridge that aims to achieve a holy grail in the metaverse world: to seamlessly bring in the non-blockchain familiar fans of Mostly Heard Rarely Seen 8-Bit and traditional fashion retail into Highstreet’s web3 metaverse.

To achieve this, Highstreet has infused a key into every 8-Bit garment in this upcoming drop via a QR code sewn into the garment.  By scanning this code on a phone, the user is taken through a few easy steps to have themselves be digitally cloned, along with their purchased 8-Bit apparel and transported into the digital world that is Highstreet.

Once inside Highstreet, users will be granted $HIGH tokens, the native currency of the Highstreet metaverse to hit the ground running in exploring this new frontier from buying/selling other items to exploring the experiences built exclusively in this digital world.

Furthermore, by transitioning into the metaverse, collectors will be able to establish a permanent record of their ownership of this drop by minting their apparel into NFT’s, establishing a provenance behind this drop and giving access to resale markets in the digital world from OpenSea to LooksRare. 

The 8-Bit “phygital” experience will launch at top department stores and designer boutiques worldwide such as Sak’s 5th Ave, Neiman Marcus, Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, Beymen, and more who will all carry the line in-stores and on e-commerce.  This initial unique offering will single handedly channel thousands of traditional fashion consumers directly into the Metaverse.  The apparel is priced between $120 – $275, and will soon launch limited edition collaborations with other brands, celebrities, and cult following NFT creators.

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