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The Moschino x H&M Look Book is Out

Earlier this year, Moschino announced a collaboration with H&M that would include more affordable options but with a high fashion look. Guess what? The Moschino x H&M collection look book is out now! Get a peek at what’s coming to an H&M near you on November 8 which is when the collection launches.

Have you ever spent nights lying awake in bed? You know those sleepless nights where you toss and turn and agonize over the lack of hoodies with your favorite Disney characters. Moschino x H&M will ease your worries and lull you back to sleep with sweaters and jerseys featuring the whole Mickey Mouse gang.

Moschino x H&M Disney Gang Hoodie:

moschino x h&m

Photo Courtesy of H&M

The collection also boasts some fun denim looks, faux fur, sequins, bodysuits, boxer briefs and more. Vaporwave fans are sure to love the hoodies with CD patterns or Donald Duck, the DJ. Going from looking extra AF or stylish in a Moschino printed sweat suit with matching fanny pack. There’s something for every fashion lover. There are sequined disco pants and we all know you can’t go wrong with disco pants.

Moschino x H&M Disco Pants:

moschino x h&m

Photo Courtesy of H&M

“Whenever I design, I think about my friends. The Moschino [tv] H&M look book is like a party; celebrating the fun, the pop, the creativity and the energy of the people and the collection,” says Moschino’s creative director Jeremy Scott in a statement.
On October 24, Scott and friends will stage a Moschino x H&M fashion show in New York. I bet it’ll be like a rave. Keep your eyes peeled for the limited-edition Moschino x H&M collection when it hits select stores and online on November 8.

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