Fashion as Politics: Wildfang Releases “I Really Care” Collection in Response to Melania Trump

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Fashion as Politics

Do you ever think of your clothes as making a political statement? Fashion makes a political statement when a runway show is inspired by current events, or a message on a shirt spreads as a symbol of unity to a group. Fashion is a form of self expression that lets the wearer put a message for the world to see on their person. Fashion introduces you before you speak to others and as much as we hate it, it can paint a negative or positive image of who you are to the world.

In recent controversy, First Lady Melania Trump has set off a twitter storm and online critics about her choice in fashion while visiting migrant children held at the border. The First Lady wore a deep olive trench coat from Zara that reads on the back, “I really don’t care, do you?” Not the most fitting attire for the gravity of the situation. Melania’s fashion choices have been picked apart as many first ladies before her, so this isn’t a first.


Melania Trump in Zara jacket that reads, “I really don’t care, do you?”

One company has designed some shirts to show support for the migrant children that have been separated from their families and held at the border. A flip side to the negative reaction of Melania’s outfit choices. Wildfang, a feminist brand, has released overnight a collection of “I really care” merchandise to show that they care along with others in the United States who may not agree with the way the current administration is handling the situation with these migrant children. The collection includes black tees, bomber jackets, and olive trenches all reading “I really care, don’t you?” in the same font as Melania’s trench.


The collection will help support families at the border. 100% of profits from the “I really care, don’t you?” will go to the Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services (RAICES). RAICES is delegating the funds to paying the immigration bonds required by ICE to release families detained at the border.


Interested in getting a shirt, check out the merch here.




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Fashion as Politics: Wildfang Releases “I Really Care” Collection in Response to Melania Trump