A Supreme Court Justice and Pop Culture Icon: RBG

A Supreme Court Justice and Pop Culture Icon: RBG

There are many things to be thankful for when it comes to analyzing Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s accomplishments. Her work certainly will never go unnoticed. 

Known for helping pave the way for women’s rights and gender equality, RBG overtime gained a dedicated fanbase. She broke social barriers that others wouldn’t even consider. 

From her being featured on Adult Swim show “Rick and Morty”, fans creating tons of merchandise and more — she essentially became a pop icon for many Americans. Her outspoken and brave personality stuck out to many, which resulted in her being the only Supreme Court justice to ever obtain such respect and recognition. 

And on top of that, people gave her an honorable nickname. Born and raised in Brooklyn, it only makes sense she was named, “Notorious RBG,” originally from “Notorious BIG” rapper Biggie Smalls.

Courtesy of @NotoriousRBG on Twitter

Ginsburg has been adored for decades, and her legacy will live on. May she rest in power, as we fight for her as she did for us.

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