Netflix to Release Selena Documentary in December

Netflix to Release Selena Documentary in December

The streaming service has finally revealed a trailer and date for “Selena: The Series” after almost two years.  The production will be available on Dec. 4. 

The first part of the docu-series is produced by the Quintanilla family with Netflix. There will be two parts.

Actress Christian Serratos will be playing Selena. The “Rosita” character from “The Walking Dead” will be channeling the Mexican-American singer as she discovers fame. 

The trailer features a motivational voice telling her to keep on practicing and it’ll pay off. Then we see a grown-up Selena performing freely in beautiful clothing. 

The video closes out saying “Selena: The Series” in hot pink neon lights. 

Co-stars will feature Ricardo Chavira, Gabriel Chavarria, Noemí González and Seidy López as her family members. Madison Taylor Baez will be Selena’s younger self.

“As Mexican American Tejano singer Selena comes of age and realizes her dreams, she and her family make tough choices to hold on to love and music,” stated on the Netflix description.

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