Julian Burzynski: The Man Behind the Mustache

Photo of Julian Burzynski

Julian Burzynski: The Man Behind the Mustache

By: Caitlyn Garrity / Mar. 26, 2021

There are lots of hilarious acting skits on TikTok, but it is not often when you see Elle Woods with a mustache. Julian Burzynski, 26, gives his 1.8 million followers on TikTok a laugh every day through his acting. From Legally Blonde to Jersey Shore, Burzynski loves to give his viewers refreshing, fun content that never repeats itself.

Who is Julian Burzynski?

Originally from Chicago, Burzynski graduated in 2017 from Elon University with a degree in musical theater. After graduation, he took his talents to perform on Norwegian cruise lines and later joined the musical, Something Rotten, for a year-long tour. After his tour, he wanted to slow it down and take some time for himself.

“I wanted to take a second to have a social life and since I had just moved to New York, I wanted to experience it,” said Burzynski.

Photo of Julian Burzynski

Photo via @juliancookies on Instagram

While teaching hip-hop dance cardio classes at 305 fitness, Burzynski stumbled onto TikTok. “An ex of mine told me that I should be on TikTok, but at first it was just scrolling through,” said Burzynski. Thanks to Burzynski’s ex, he began to make videos of just TikTok dances but then progresses to acting out scenes from his favorite movies.


It was a simple car re-enactment of an iconic scene in Jersey Shore that took Burzynski’s TikTok account to a new level.

A Passion for Film and Entertaining

Acting on TikTok is not a new concept, but to Burzynski, TV and movies have always had a special place in his heart.

“When I was younger, I got bullied,” said Burzynski. “My parents have always been my best friends.” However, it was movies and TV in which allowed Burzynski to escape and explore his identity.

During quarantine, Burzynski felt the negative effects that the pandemic inflicted on him and turned back to escape from the harsh reality of these times to movies and shows. “I kind of felt as lost as I did before,” said Burzynski. “I know I was not alone in that feeling

Photo via @juliancookies on Instagram

Burzynski says that films and movies bring him a sense of joy and fantasy. The scenes in movies where the main character is walking in slow motion or getting the famous makeover inspired Burzynski to make those moments happen in real life.

“I realized that I have a ring light and a phone, so I can make those fantasies happen.”

One of the videos that blew up first was his video of a scene of Jersey Shore. “I used to turn into Jersey Shore every week,” said Burzynski. “The reason behind those [Jersey Shore TikToks] is that those were the iconic moments during the show.



Instant Success and a Big Future

Jersey Shore, Legally Blonde, Friends, Step Brothers and more infamous skits from films and shows that Burzynski loves can be found on his account now. He has the skill to edit and create more complex videos with more characters.

Regarding the amount of time that it takes to film and edit his videos Burzynski said, “It depends on the number of characters.” On his Instagram, you can find the full-length versions of the one-minute TikTok skits.

TikTok is not only a career for Burzynski but it is a way to shed light and happiness to his audience. “Making people smile has always been something I’ve liked to do.” While he is making others happy, he wants to show his audience that you are able to express yourself in any way you like.

I think my content will always bring a sense of humour, I mean I’m a guy with a mustache.

“I’d tell everyone to follow their dreams and put yourself out there,” said Burzynski.

His courage and confidence that he portrays on social media have definitely paid off. Burzynski’s acting has gotten the attention of actress Diane Keaton and with the ability to entertain an audience of over 1.8 million, you will surely be seeing Burzynski in places aside from social media.





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