All About Ceraadi’s Success

All About Ceraadi’s Success

The relationship of sisterhood is unbreakable. The power of loyalty, understanding and trust goes a long way, whether it may be a wife, mother, mentor or friend. This melding realtionship is seen in the LA-based pair Emaza and Saiyr. The unified duo Ceraadi expresses their sound through Saiyr’s genius series of vocal verses and Emaza’s harmonizing ballads. 

The two have been marketable proponents of Youtube, the music industry and social media. They currently have 1.8m followers on instagram, 1.2m subscribers on youtube. 

Together, these two sides form one dynamic, diverse, and distinct whole. “We feed off of each other,” exclaims Emaza. “We have two different personalities, but we do link up on the same wavelength. Saiyr is a little edgier, while you might say I’m more girly. Ceraadi is definitely sweet and spicy. Don’t let my sweetness fool you though, because I’ll get down,” she laughs. “We’re both really energetic,” adds Saiyr. “That vibe is so important to us,” Stated by Roc Nation.

“Active” and “Kung Pao” turned a lot of heads online and caught the eye of record label Roc Nation. Since the two have signed they have been head tuners. Their new EP’s on their Ceraddi playlist that’s streaming on all platforms features 5 of their bops such as:


-That’s What She’s Say




Their resurgence of the 90s, breeding the evolution for iconic clothing that’s being brought back today gave the pair a platform where they could express their ideal era of liking. Their instagram displays fashion brands such as SavageXFenty, Fashion Nova and Forever21, however the sisters always find a way to alter their own fashion into what they reconcile most with, which is the 90s that includes: baggy jeans, oversized flannels, bold Pattersons, caps, hightop Air Jordans and baggy sweatpants.

Recently, on instagram the sisters released their “Meet The Class of 3000”, ad campaign with Forever21 and K-Swiss discussing their new EP.

“so happy got some bangers on there. You don’t know if you wanna twerk, you want cry, you wanna scream, you wanna get lit, stated Saiyr. Emaza followed and stated “it’s a mood for everybody. Definitely it’s making you feel all types of emotions that you can relate too.”





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