Emily Henry’s Beach Read To Be Film Adapted

Emily Henry’s Beach Read To Be Film Adapted

Beach Read – a book that has swept TikTok off its feet – was announced to be adapted into a feature film. The Emily Henry book became a sensation over the course of the last two years. Its romantic tensions and dramatic plot claimed the title for most anticipated book upon its 2020 release. It also became an instant New York Times bestseller. It has received a wide variety of accolades since and with its fame came the public’s urgings for its film adaptation. 20th Century Studios will produce the critically aclaimed book and Emmy award-wining Yulan Kuang will direct. 

Who is Emily Henry?

Emily Henry is no new author to the world of bestselling novels. Some of her books include People We Meet on Vacation and Book Lovers. Both were also recently tapped to be adapted into a film. Henry’s books have met a wide audience over the course of the last few years. She has received a diverse collection of awards for her takes on contemporary romance. Her endeavors into romantic comedy has brought her never-ending success. Social media platforms such as TikTok have highlighted her genius with thousands of videos dedicated to the book. Audiences have made it clear how much they adore her work, with Henry’s newest novel, Happy Place, already garnering immense anticipation. 

Beach Read: From Enemies to Lovers

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From steamy slow-burn to a summery romantic adventure, Beach Read explores both the comedic and melodramatic sides of literary novels. The novel focuses on a romance writer who’s mishaps with love lead her to the doorsteps of a fellow literary author facing the same writer rut. Beach Read comes as a sensual, dramaticized take on fictional romance. With its well-written character developments, tender moments, and engaging comic relief capturing attention, the film has already received widespread excitement. 

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