Top 7 Reasons to Become a Mail-Order American Bride

Top 7 Reasons to Become a Mail-Order American Bride

Although mail-order brides get a bad reputation in many cultures, there are numerous reasons why girls become one of them. Besides gaining more financial security, becoming a mail-order bride will allow you to leave your home country, thus opening new opportunities. Among others, this will ensure that your kids have a much brighter future.

In fact, it’s a type of deal that works for both sides. Men appreciate these ladies as they have conservative values and are family-oriented. They tend to be more loyal than the women in their home country, which means that they’re less likely to ask for a divorce.

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Without further ado, here are the main seven reasons why women become mail-order brides!

1.    Financial Incentive

Let’s not lie to ourselves; most women become mail-order brides to experience better things in life. Many of these ladies come from some of the poorest neighborhoods and favelas in the world, and they’re eager to find a knight in shiny armor who will sweep them off their feet.

In fact, these financial incentives are the main reason why the whole concept was invented in the first place. American companies and individuals would ship women from Europe and give them financial incentives to live in the States. In many situations, they would marry landowners and, by proxy, would become landowners themselves.

Then again, we shouldn’t shame mail-order brides for looking at guys from financial perspective. In the end, most women take into account their partner’s financial status before they push the relationship further. So, it’s not something that’s exclusive to foreign brides but it’s also something that happens in your home country with domestic girls.

2.    Political Stability

Even if a woman comes from a rich family, she might have an incentive to flee her country and go to America. In this particular case, these ladies aren’t necessarily getting married for money as they already have a lot of it. Instead, they’re mainly looking at foreign guys as someone who can provide them with visas.

Due to political and economic instability, ladies might be forced to leave their countries even if they don’t want to. The best example of that is the recent war in Ukraine, where many women have to flee their country and become refugees. Some of them will likely marry abroad to get permanent residence.

3.    Better Opportunities

As we mentioned, there are situations where the husband doesn’t have to be rich to be attractive to girls. Just by being an American and being able to provide documents, you can attract many ladies to your side. Specifically, women from impoverished countries will always look at the United States as a shiny opportunity for them and their kids.

Most notably, America always gives immigrants lots of employment opportunities. Even if you don’t speak the language and don’t have any special skills, you can always find a job as a physical worker. On top of that, the US gives people so many opportunities for promotion, something that might not be present in other societies.

These opportunities will eventually trickle down to your kids. They will get a much better, more renowned education in the US compared to what they could’ve gotten in their home country. If you live in a big city, they probably won’t have to move anywhere else for the rest of their lives as they will have advanced infrastructure, schools, and jobs at their fingertips.

4.    Cultural Interest

Some women simply like the idea of living in the US. They want to visit large cities such as New York, Boston, Chicago, Houston, and Los Angeles and enjoy everything that this country has to offer. These ladies want to have daily access to museums, theaters, restaurants, and all the good things that the US has to offer.

These ladies might also be interested in America’s beautiful nature. They might want to hike the Appalachian Trail, visit the Grand Canyon, and surf in the Pacific Ocean. Given the country’s diversity, you can enjoy different reliefs and topographies, from mountains and hills to valleys, deserts, and beaches.

5.    Sexual Preference

In many countries of the world, Western guys are seen as quite a catch. This is especially noticeable in East and Southeast Asia, in countries like Japan, China, Thailand, and the Philippines. Given that the local men are quite small in stature, ladies are enamored with bulky, tall Americans who tower over them.

But it goes beyond just the size of the body. Asians and even South Americans love white guys because of the color of their skin. Guys who also have blue eyes and blonde hair are highly sought-after and are perceived as somewhat of an exotic item. Rich ladies in Asia, in particular, love to flaunt their American boyfriends as if they’re expensive accessories.

6.    Limited Dating Pool

Depending on the country, mail-order brides might use international dating sites to avoid the locals. For example, they might be dissatisfied with their overly patriarchal attitude and want someone who would give them more liberties. Going for foreign husbands is especially common for ladies who have had unsuccessful marriages or have been beaten up by their past partners.

Women from rural areas are especially affected by this issue. As they can’t find guys in their village, they usually resort to domestic or international dating platforms and are willing to travel long distances to meet their future partners. In this particular case, it is much better to use for-marriage sites, as guys on these platforms are much more serious.

7.    Favorable Laws

Another thing that shouldn’t be neglected is the favorable laws for foreign brides. Unlike some other countries, including mail-order brides’ home countries, the US has some of the best laws for married women. Any kind of aggression is not tolerated, and ladies are fully compensated if their partner molests them in any way.

Furthermore, if the marriage ever dissolves, the lady will be entitled to half of her man’s possessions. This, in itself, would make it much more favorable to get married to a US guy than a local.


Being a mail-order bride isn’t half as bad as some people make it to be. By going to America, these ladies can enjoy a much better life even if their husbands aren’t that rich. What’s even better is that their children can enjoy all these benefits and grow in a stable, respectable country.

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