The different types of airsoft guns

The different types of airsoft guns

Do you want to buy an airsoft gun but don’t know about its variants? For every beginner starting to play airsoft, airsoft guns vary in model and purpose. Similar to real-life firearms, airsoft guns have different models you can select. 

Airsoft guns are the big boy toys we use to play matches. You can shoot as many targets as you like without the fear of killing someone. It is why many governments worldwide support the distribution of airsoft guns. 

How to Choose your Airsoft Gun

Going into an airsoft shop is like your first time inside a DVD store! Your mind will be blown away by many attractive models. It is even exciting for people who are long-time gun enthusiasts! Before you begin purchasing any airsoft gun, let us share a few tips. Learning about some airsoft gun basics will contribute to your final decision.

If you like attacking the enemy head-on or enjoying frontline reconnaissance missions, an assault rifle model will do the trick! Allow us to remind you to scan your surroundings for hostile players constantly. It will be easier for you to sense incoming players since they sometimes arrive at your position from different angles. Aside from that, it will be great to stay low while running from cover to cover. 

Suppose you like raiding structures and excel in CQC courses; we suggest using an mp5 bb gun for close-quarter engagements. Also, remember that there are modern airsoft models like the AR, M4, HK, and AK assault rifle platforms with shorter barrels measuring 10.3 inches.  

Stalking the enemy while staying hidden for long hours is the specialty of snipers. They also excel in stealth recon missions or provide assaulting units covering fire from select vantage points. If it fits your personality and you have tons of patience, then a long barrel gun will suit your needs! Worry no more since there are spring-based airsoft rifles you can play with! 

Let us assume that you like automatic guns with high rates of fire. Today, many airsoft models mimic real-life machine guns! The first time I saw an airsoft machine gun, my jaw dropped! Today, you can choose from various automatic airsoft guns featuring machine-gun models. These airsoft guns can shoot 2,500 BBs per minute with a standard power of 400 FPS. 

Types of Airsoft Guns

Airsoft guns are exciting and exciting to play with either with teams or by yourself! It is always helpful to learn about the different types of airsoft guns. Purchasing any airsoft gun model will be easier and let you select a model that fits your personality.


When we say pistols, these are small airsoft guns and are easier to wield. Modern airsoft pistols are made with lightweight materials. Because of its lightness, it is quicker to transition from your primary weapon to your airsoft pistol. 


The acronym SMG means sub-machine gun. These types of firearms represent the middle variants between pistols and assault rifles. Many SMGs of today contain high rates of fire but have less range. If we convert a real-life SMG to an airsoft model, you now have a gun that can carry several BBs. SMGs are adequate for close-quarter battles. 

Assault Rifles

Real-life assault rifles differ in structure, mechanism, and size since they fire standard rounds. Fortunately for airsoft lovers, each type of assault rifle design fires only BB rounds. Aside from that, it is faster to replace parts since most of them are available in today’s airsoft market. 

Sniper Rifles

Best for long-range shooting, airsoft sniper rifles feature the same structure as their real-life counterparts. Airsoft sniper rifles use gas, pneumatic, or spring mechanisms to fire a BB round. 


Today’s airsoft enthusiasts can choose any airsoft gun model available on the market! It might be confusing for gun enthusiasts to purchase their first airsoft gun. However, if they learn about some of its basic concepts, the process will be convenient and more manageable.

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