Slovenia: 2021 Travel Spots

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Amidst travel advisories all over the world, there’s an inner oasis in imagining future travel destinations. If quarantine made you hungry for new and exciting experiences, Slovenia may be the perfect spot. It might not be the first place that comes to mind when thinking of an idyllic European destination, but boy should it be! Slovenia is a beautiful country located peacefully in between the Alps and the Adriatic Sea. Up and coming travelers all around the world will be flocking there soon enough, so here’s a few ideas to help you plan ahead.

For active travelers, hiking opportunities on incredible terrains will be abundant. The Slovenian Alps are surrounded by valleys and lakes for a day on land and water. Hiking in Triglav National Park is the highest peak of the Julian Alps, and features diverse and untouched nature to marvel at. Underground biking takes you from one valley to another with a more than 5 kilometer trek.  

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For history buffs, there are plenty of spots with ancient history ingrained in their structures. Constructed in the 13th century, Predjama Castle is built within a cave mouth in south-central Slovenia. It contains a history of legends involving royalty, betrayal, and brutality that makes it worth a visit. 

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For Insta-worthy picture seekers, the views on Lake Bled are incredible! Thermal and mineral springs offer warm solace in cold areas. Touring the Skocjan Caves will give you a breathtaking view into one of the largest underground canyons in the world. The Velika Planina is a large plateau with one of the largest herdsman’s settlements in Europe. 

Slovenia has a lot to offer travelers, with ancient architecture, picturesque views, and a beautiful history that has managed to escape the radar of mainstream travel destinations. Make a tropical cocktail in your living room and day dream about your future COVID-free vacation.



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Slovenia: 2021 Travel Spots