Quarantine Activities as COVID-19 Surges Through the New Year

Quarantine Activities as COVID-19 Surges Through the New Year

Here it is, December, nearly nine months since COVID-19 initiatives hit the United States. I, like many others, are wondering if and when life will get back to normal. And if not, what will our new normal look like. Although vaccines are in the works, and the new administration is setting aside plans for managing COVID-19, it just appears as though there is no end in sight But, fear not, whether you’ve been quarantined the entire nine months, heading into work per usual, or simply transitioning your work and life balance as the world continues to alter, here is a list of some at-home, quarantine activities to bide your time.

Get Crafty: Paint, draw or design something. Creating a new item or refurbishing an old one, may help you to feel accomplished when the world around seems bleak.
Meditate: Although, it isn’t everyone’s “thing” per se, for some learning to mediate could help you adjust to the uncertainty of your adjusted lives.
Watch films and television: Catch up on all of your favorite shows, or rewatch classics. Turn your brain off for a few or forty episodes, whatever it takes!
Journal: Journaling is something that we all loved to do as kids, and could help you to feel both organized and expressive.
Fresh Air: Whether you’re exercising or simply taking a walk. The fresh air is always beneficial in clearing your mind.
Read: One of my favorite things to do myself and it helps to get you out of the world around you and into another one completely.

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And the list doesn’t stop here!

But, to be completely frank, even if you don’t want to do any of the items on this shortlist of activities listed above, that’s perfectly fine, too. The world is so chaotic and it’s tough keeping up with it some days. So, while we are all still confined to the world in a pandemic it’s our decision on how to cope with it. If you’re feeling stuck, try out a new hobby or if you simply need to shut the world out, then take a nap. However, you get through the day is perfectly OK. So, here’s to hoping that there is a light at the end of this COVID-19 tunnel, but until then it’s ok to turn open the page of a coloring book and escape this reality for a little while.

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