Old Parr Sun-Kisses the Season With New Cocktails

Old Parr Sun-Kisses the Season With New Cocktails

There is no ageism when you grab this whisky bottle off the shelf. Old Parr is the perfect blended scotch whisky for all branches of a family tree. Whether at a springtime festival or a happy hour with friends, the legendary brand is timeless.

The Season for Old Parr

Despite the rich ingredients that gives Old Parr life, this legendary drink is simple in satisfaction. Comparatively like the simple man, Thomas Parr, who is the inspiration behind the whisky brand. Born in 1483, he was an English farmer that saw the reign of ten monarchs and the rule of Queen Elizabeth in his 152 years of life. His expansive life filled of knowledge and experiences revered Parr to be a legendary symbol for wisdom and maturity.

Traditional and Filled With Life

This traditional liquor flew under the radar for a long time, but it has a dedicated following for the ones who know about it. Its pleasant taste of sweet honey, cooked fruit, and oaky spices makes it easy to fall in love with the rich, gold blend. A real seasonal drink enjoyed outside as much as inside. After a nice salut with friends, your nose admires the smell of warm, floral fruits and spices. The taste is powered by a creamy smooth syrup that is smoked and grainy of the floral fruits. Upon finish, a vanilla-taste like caravan packs all up the noticeable flavors and leaves behind oaky tracks of lingered flavor.

What will last are the Old Parr Whisky Cocktails that is easy to make for any golden time of day. The sun-kissed self serves of Old Parr Tropical Breeze and Old Parr Golden are highly recommended for the season. Try the recipes for yourself:

Old Parr Tropical Breeze

Old Parr’s Tropical Breeze


  • 1.5 oz Old Parr Aged 12 Years
  • .75 oz of Mango Liqueur
  • .75 oz of Ginger Liqueur
  • .5 oz Lime Juice

Garnish: Spicy Mango (Candied Mango rolled in chili salt)

Glassware: Rocks Glass

Directions: In a shaker add 1.5 oz Old Parr Aged 12 Years and remaining ingredients then top with ice. Shake and strain into an ice filled glass. Garnish with a spicy mango using a cocktail pick and enjoy!

Old Parr Golden

Old Parr Golden


  • 1.5 oz Old Parr Aged 12 Years
  • 1 oz Ginger Syrup
  • 0.5 oz Lemon Juice
  • Top with Premium Club Sodas

Garnish: Orange Wedge

Glassware: Rock Glass

Preparation: Combine Old Parr Aged 12 Years. Shake well and strain into a rocks glass over ice. Top with premium club soda and garnish with an orange wedge

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