Jaime Harrison: Running for Senate

Jaime Harrison: Running for Senate

Jaime Harrison is the Democratic nominee running against Lindsey Graham for the Senate seat in South Carolina. And although he aligns with the left, he is the first to admit that party affiliation doesn’t matter to him. “He’ll work with anyone, regardless of party, to champion solutions that can make the American Dream a reality for more South Carolinians, from growing the middle class, to protecting health care coverage for people with pre-existing conditions,” according to his website. Honestly, that statement only has me convinced that he should be elected for the good of the people. But, actions speak louder than words.

Harrison has countless times stood up for people with preexisting conditions and COVID-19 relief, as well as slammed Graham for some of his off-color remarks. Especially when he made remarks about “the good old days of segregation” in a joking matter. Which there is no room for. Harrison isn’t afraid to take down his opposing running mate if it means that’s what is best for the state.

Harrison is a person who grew up with little means, so he knows what it means to be given opportunities and that’s exactly what he plans to do when he is elected. According to his website, “Senator, Jaime will serve the many South Carolinians who face struggles like the ones his own family faced. He will work to build an economy where the American Dream is a reality, and the middle class feels within reach. Every American deserves the opportunity to earn a living wage and keep their family healthy.”

Harrison is surely an up and coming politician to keep your sights on. He is a politician for the people which is seemingly rare these days. So, keep an eye out for him and any other politicians that are taking on career politicians like Lindsey Graham for their seats, because they are making waves in a rather still water in Washington. And if anything is certain, some real change is needed.

To learn more about Jaime Harrison, from the man himself, check out this video below:

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