GLOWE Maternity Clothing Brand Gives Away Supportive Leggings For New and Expecting Moms On The Frontline

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GLOWE is the apparel company empowering pregnant and postpartum women with clothing that provides superior style with advanced technology.


The small business might soon be known for more than its high performance leggings as it found a new way to recognize new moms working on the frontlines just in time for Mother’s Day. The brand gave away 80 pairs of leggings to new moms and moms-to-be who currently work in the healthcare industry. Non-winners also received a 30 percent discount for participating.


GLOWE founder Lucy Ovington explains that as a mom of two small children, she’s in awe of their bravery going into work everyday and how this giveaway was the perfect opportunity to give back to her personal heros during these unprecedented times.


“Whether you think you are a hero, or just doing your job, I think you are an outstanding person to keep going during this time. Especially pregnant or with a baby at home,” she said. “Women are extraordinary and should be celebrated more!”


Ovington’s giveaway turned into so much more as she received heartfelt messages and stories from those participating.

Meet Five of the Deserving Winners of GLOWE’s Healthcare Giveaway


Did we mention all of these women said a great pair of leggings was one thing of three things they couldn’t live without?


Laura Burkey, ER Nurse

What keeps her busy all day: “As an ER nurse, I’m constantly putting out fires from every direction and maintaining compassion for people on what is often their worst day.”


Michelle Miller, Hospice and Triage Nurse

What the hardest thing about doing her job is during this pandemic: “I am petrified to bring this home to my girls. I am anxious leaving my house. When I come home, I strip in the garage and shower or make sure I scrub my hands before I go near my kids.”


Rachael Mealey, Nurse Practitioner

When asked how she keeps herself grounded: “The thought of continuing to be able to help the sick, but I couldn’t do it without the support of my family and co-workers.”


Cassadee Maciel, SICU heart, brain, and vascular surgery and pre-surgery

Her advice to the world as a healthcare worker right now: “Gloves are pointless to be used if you leave them on the whole time. You’re better off washing your hands. Try to stay calm and stop hoarding things in your house like toilet paper. Also, eat your nutrients to help build your immune system!”


Lauren Wahba, Labor and Delivery Unit Registered Nurse

What she’s most looking forward to having a baby: “This is my second but I’m actually so grateful to be pregnant during this pandemic because I’m never alone with this little nugget keeping me company.”



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GLOWE Maternity Clothing Brand Gives Away Supportive Leggings For New and Expecting Moms On The Frontline