First Metro Train Travels in Sydney

First Metro Train Travels in Sydney

The first metro train has traveled for the first time ever under Sydney Harbour Friday morning. Testing took place on twin metro railway tunnels extending from Sydney’s North West Region. An ‘important milestone’ is coming along, 92 years later after the first steam train crossed over the Sydney Bridge in 1932.

“I was very excited, despite the early hour of the morning,” said Hugh Lawson, project director of Sydney Metro City & Southwest Project. “The amount of work that has had to come together to hit this milestone has been phenomenal and puts us right on track to get the railway open in 2024.”

Sydney Metro

Ten years ago, the thought of Sydney having a subway network was questionable. Not to mention, the city had a reputation for high volumes of congestion. In 2015, Australia’s congestion cost estimated to $16.5 billion dollars. Skeptics wondered if public transport could make a difference with congestion. Restrictive parking was a solution, but it is not a difference maker. The undergoing of Sydney Metro looks provides an alternative for commuters, therefore reducing car traffic and congestion.

In this case, the worries of managing costs comes with this project. Earlier this month, the Sydney Metro program underwent review after project cost blew out by $21b, but project leaders are currently working through solutions to keep it going. Different aspects that will continue to be reviewed include delivery models, project governance, passenger impacts, and others. The review team will deliver a final report of the project by the end of 2023.

The Future

Testing and commissioning will continue throughout the rest of the year. The commencement of passenger services on the first half of the line will schedule in 2024. The second section of the line, which will run from Sydenham to Bankstown in the south west of Sydney, will schedule to open in 2025. A network of four lines, 46 stations and 113 kilometers of new metro will rail by 2030.

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