Deadly Shooting affects Miami Spring Break

Deadly Shooting affects Miami Spring Break

Spring Break Miami’s sizzling night life leaves one man dead and another man injured after a double shooting last Friday.

This year, spring break has been relatively ‘chill’. City officials report the incident as an isolated target case, which will not lead to imposing curfew. Regular city programming will continue as planned.

It was Friday at about 10:40pm when officers heard two heard gunshots near 7th Street and Ocean Drive. Two men were shot and taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital’s Ryder Trauma Center. As investigators detained the scene, one suspect with three guns was brought into custody. With a plethora of trendy nightclubs and RSVP events to frequent, people ran inside of Mango’s, a tropical cafe, to cover for safety. Other information about the victims’ personal information remains unknown.

A viral cellphone video shows the rush of policemen to the scene once gunfire opened. CPR arrived and administered as well..

Understanding Miami Spring Break

An eyewitness saw, “everybody was scattering, ducking down, running to the sides of the restaurant.” Different stories and information determined for what caused the shootout to happen, especially in the mix of spring break activities. The weekend brought a lot of partygoers to Ocean Drive, more so for the street hotels and bars celebrating Carnaval Miami. Huge crowds gathered on the beach, partying to an assortment of Afro Beats and Reggaeton. So many liquor and beer bottles littered the beach sand by the end of the day.

“I haven’t come to South Beach in a while,” says Peter Sint, a twenty-three year old from Miami-Dade. Sent knows the possibility of an incident happening. “There’s a lot of people here, and I’m just thinking something’s about to happen at some point.”

Despite the shooting, spring breakers still feel safe going out. The next day felt more presence of ‘way more security guards’, according to spring breaker Endiya Stalks.

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