Casino influence on fashion and culture: the reasons and examples?

Casino influence on fashion and culture: the reasons and examples?

Fashion has been an integral part of gaming house culture since it began as far back as the 1600s. Both industries have since thrived together separately and alongside each other. From your first visit to the casino, you’ll find that you’re unlikely to be allowed entry without the right kind of dressing.

Casinos mostly seek out their customers from people in the upper echelon of society. Hence, they create a dress code and environment conducive to these people. By doing this, they help to create and promote fashion trends, and this culture is reflected in many casino movies.

Even if you’re playing in an online casino where you can make instant withdrawals via link, you’ll notice that the avatars are dressed in a particular way. It’s one of the ways that the virtual casino tries to maintain the same standards as the physical ones.

Why have casinos influenced fashion and culture?

Casinos have developed a reputation for being exclusive gaming spots for the affluent in society. This is reinforced by the dress code policy, which they follow strictly. Men dress in different tuxedos, suits, and blazers, while women wear gowns, bodycons, etc., befitting their stature and lifestyle. These elegant appearances help to create new trends and vice versa. The casino industry has been able to influence fashion through the following:

Elitist mentality and dressing elegance

Many casino players are elitists. Even though they have some exclusiveness in casinos, they still seek to stand out from others. They subtly compete, trying to outdress themselves. So, they wear unique styles or embrace the latest fashion trends and styles.

Display of wealth

Casinos give the elites the opportunity to show off their wealth through high-end fashion and pricey outfits. These are some drivers of fashion trends and dress culture in society. This casino effect is also a common feature of casino movies.

You may not notice the connection between the casino and fashion industries from the sidelines, but they’re interconnected and help push each other.

Examples of casino’s influence on fashion

The atmosphere and rush generated in these gambling houses can inspire creativity in several ways. Additionally, being in a location full of people in statement dresses and encountering different styles can serve as inspiration for fashion designers.  

Since society’s elites always visit these casinos, it’s easy for a designer to get inspired and create a unique design to target this demographic. Some examples of fashion brands inspired and influenced by the casino culture are:


The popular fashion brand, Moschino, is an example of how casino culture influences fashion items and trends. Not only did this brand embrace the casino culture fully, but its 2017 runway show was also inspired by the casino culture and its gaming scene. This brand re-imagined fashion in casinos and started a new trend.

They had some of their famous models walk on the runway with neon costumes inspired by the casino’s neon light and slot games. Some of their designs included pinup girl applique, sequin-smothered suits, and orange flames.


While Moschino’s campaign was proof that the casino effect was strong on the fashion industry, it wasn’t the first time a global fashion brand would do so. Chanel pulled off a similar stunt in 2015 at the Paris show. Chanel used this campaign to align itself with the customers and target audience of gaming houses by creating designs inspired by the atmosphere and looks of a casino.

Celebrities like Kristen Stewart and Julianne Moore graced the events with monochrome (white and black) dresses. Chanel went far and beyond in this campaign by providing games like poker, spin roulette wheels, and blackjack for participants to play at the Paris show. Not only did they create casino-themed clothes, but they also brought the casino atmosphere to its exhibition.


Fashion and gaming houses are two almost inseparable entities. Both have an immeasurable influence on the other and, thus, help promote one another. Now more than ever, we’re seeing this influence become more mainstream. It’s only a matter of time before more fashion brands adopt the gaming house culture and make it part of their campaign.

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