Can Anyone Use Hair Supplements & Serums?

Can Anyone Use Hair Supplements & Serums?

As people age, they begin to search for products that reduce the effects. For example, people with hyperpigmentation on the face may reach for azelaic acid 14 percent, and those whose hair is thinning often search for the best product to support healthy growth. For some, there is a misconception that hair supplements and serums are designed primarily for men. However, they can be used by both men and women who want fuller and thicker hair.

Quality Ingredients and Formulations to Review

The best way to battle hair loss is both topically and from within. Both a serum and hair supplements work synergistically to encourage hair growth that lasts.

Hair Growth Serum

When looking for a hair serum for growth, many want to avoid minoxidil, which has some negative and irritating effects on the scalp for certain individuals. Foundation Skincare hair serum is an alternative that contains a variety of ingredients to stimulate the roots of the hair follicles. This improves the health of hair, and the result is thicker and fuller hair.

When the serum is combined with hair growth supplements, it is extremely effective for many types of hair loss, including:

Hormonal imbalances

Male pattern baldness


Trauma or stress

Medical conditions

Nutrient deficiencies

Auto immune disorders

As with many high-quality products, these hair growth stimulators are not a quick fix, but with consistent application, the results will be noticeable.

Hair Growth Supplements

Hair growth serum works the best with hair supplements for women and men. One of the reasons for this is that hair growth only occurs when the body gets the necessary nutrients, which can be difficult to obtain from diet alone.

Hair growth supplements contain the essential nutrients the body needs. These include a variety of acids, minerals (such as iron), herbs, and vitamins (such as A). This specific combination stimulates the hair follicles to produce keratin.

Be Consistent and Patient

The most effective hair growth occurs from consistent use. The hair serum should be applied onto dry hair once in the morning and once in the evening, every day. During the first week, use three to five drops each application and then work up to 15 drops. Also make sure it is massaged onto the entire scalp.

For the supplements, you should take one capsule in the morning and one in the evening. Do not take more than the recommended dose, and ask your doctor before using if you are taking other supplements or medication.

With consistent use, most people begin to see results, such as subtle hair growth, after 30 days. Desired results, such as thick and full hair, occur after 90 days.

There are also things you can do to support the work the serum and supplements do for hair growth. Eat adequate protein and a diet full of vitamins and minerals, as this is necessary for tissue cell growth. Take steps to reduce stress, massage the scalp, and exercise. Also do your best to avoid harsh hair treatments, such as bleaching, heating, and tight hair styles.

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