Campus Life: What to Expect

Campus Life: What to Expect

Your first year in college can turn out to be the most exciting year or the most challenging. After being under the direct care of your parents for many years, you start your independent life the day you join campus. 

Sometimes you have to adjust a lot, give up some things, and embrace new ones to fit into this new life. The course you are studying is probably more detailed than you expected, but this is what campus life is all about. Here are the things to expect from the day you join campus. 

Learn college roommate basics

Expect to share a room with someone else from the day you join campus to the day you will graduate. Just like you, they are new to the college environment with a lot to catch up on. You need to support each other and get to know each other in a friendly way. 

Your lifestyles will be entirely different, and the level of privacy you have enjoyed at home will no longer be available. You might want to make a few rules with your roommate, compromise some things, and learn to show courtesy to your roommate.  There are a lot of things that go on on the campus that directly affects your life in the university. Many students choose fun and bright parties, which might cause a student to stop being productive in their studies for a while. In such moments, your best online help will be the dissertation writing service provided by Uk.EduBirdie, where expert academic writers will quickly complete any written task in no time. They have the best writers who work 24/7 to make sure you get paper writing help anytime you need it.

Partying on campus is the norm

Partying is common in college, with some students moving from one party to the next. Although drinking is not allowed if you are under 21 years of age, you will find a lot of 18-year-old students drinking. 

The temptation to party and drink for freshers is great, and it’s easy to find yourself jumping right in. You are not yet used to this type of freedom, but soon you get used to it and learn to make the right choices on what to avoid and to embrace. 

Bring the relevant items to the college

You are starting to live alone, and the things you are used to asking from your parents daily will not be there. Make sure you bring to college every relevant thing that will make your life on campus a lot easier. 

You may want to consult with your college to know what to bring and not. It might help to wait until you get acquainted with your roommate. You might bring the same items that only take up all your room space. Agree with them that you should bring and what they should bring on items such as a fridge, TV, drawers, tables, etc. 

College resources are there for you

Your college has a lot of impressive resources to prepare you for your career life, better studying experience, social life, time management, and money issues. They help you stay healthy emotionally, mentally, and to choose the best student activities for you.

Don’t miss your campus orientation program

Every college takes freshers through an extensive orientation program that could take a few days or up to a week. The program is very important to help cope with campus life. You will be taken through the campus facilities, be shown what to do, where to go for dining, dorms, etc. You will be oriented on things like classes, exams, assignments, campus clubs, social events, etc. 

It’s best to find a place to live by the next year

Living on the campus is good, but if you want more privacy, you will be better off living off-campus. However, don’t move too early before you get used to the environment and neighborhood. The university’s student union will likely have places they recommend students to live. It’s best when it’s close to campus because you will not spend on commuting. 


Your first year in college can be challenging, but it’s also exciting if you learn to adapt fast. The first person who will be closest to you in college is your roommate. You may want to agree on a few rules to guide you. The campus orientation program is important to help you learn more about the campus facilities, lessons, clubs, and student communities. Learn early what to avoid, like drinking parties and what to embrace like student study communities. 

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