Bored at Home? Here’s How to Find the Best Online Entertainment in 2024

Bored at Home? Here’s How to Find the Best Online Entertainment in 2024

In the year 2024, we have access to more entertainment choices than ever, spanning from the movie streaming platforms to eSports events. 

Most of us love the huge range of options we have at our fingertips, but for others it can be a little overwhelming when it comes to choosing a movie, picking sports match, or simply knowing which digital news source to read.

With that in mind, perhaps we should spend a little time thinking how to find our perfect entertainment option. Just a few minutes of preparation can save us hours of wasted time flicking through online TV channels and internet searches.

Here’s a guide to help you make that process just that little bit easier. 

Explore niche viewing platforms

Mainstream streaming networks like Netflix and Hulu may offer large libraries of content, but looking for something a little more niche that suits your tastes may be worth your while. 

There are already a range of smaller platforms that focus more on specific genres of movie or TV show, including documentaries and indie films, and they’re able to provide a curated selection of content that might not be readily available on major streaming services.

An example of these smaller viewing platforms is Magellan, a network dedicated solely to documentaries. It covers a range of intriguing topics, from space to history, and comes free of ad interruptions as well as a 4K viewing experience.

Joining one or two of these services will help you break free of the homogenized content that network giants tend to bring and find stuff more suited to your tastes.

Use dedicated ratings websites

The internet era saw the start of online ratings platforms that made it easy for us to find a review of a movie, book, or video game. Rotten Tomatoes in the film industry is a famous example, providing user reviews of movies that help us decide what to watch. 

The industry has since grown and branched out into different areas. We can now find reviews on less common entertainment options. Online casinos are one example. With so many betting sites to choose from these days, there are several websites dedicated solely helping us to choose the option that best suits our taste. 

Stake Hub is one example, helping Canadian players track down the best digital casinos by providing detailed reviews. Its Hornetbet casino review is a prime example of this: here, you can see a quick summary of its best features, special offers, and player reviews. 

The review industry has also evolved in terms of movies and video games. It’s now possible to use sites like Netflix to curate your own list of movies based on your preferences, as well as take on board what other people think of them.

Use dedicated TV and movie forums

If you’re seeking a more human touch in your quest for entertainment, online forums can be invaluable resources. 

Do a quick search for a forum about your personal interest and a variety of options will spring up, from subreddits dedicated to music, and movie genres to gaming forums discussing the latest releases.

The advantage of these resources is that the contributors will have an unbiased view of the topic, something you may not get from an online publication.

You may also make friends: forums are known for building a sense of community, particularly between people with shared interests. 

Give it a go: you never know, you may just make a friend for life, as well as get a great movie recommendation!

Follow specially curated music lists

The amount of new music, movies, and TV shows released every month is growing all the time, so choosing between them can be a daunting task. 

So, why not let experts or even algorithms do the hard work for you?

Spotify, for example, is great at suggesting tracks based on your listening history, while Netflix uses your data to curate a special watchlist.

Many expert websites also use human specialists to put together lists for particular tastes if you prefer the human touch. 

These features save you a lot of time and might lead you to your next favorite album or film!

Attend virtual events

This one may appear a tad futuristic but bear with us!

In the age of connectivity, virtual events have become a prominent way to experience live entertainment from the comfort of your home. 

This might be a virtual concert featuring your favorite artist, an online gaming tournament with top players, or a digital book club discussing the latest literary treasures. All have one thing in common: they help bring people together across distances. 

Not only do virtual events offer a diverse range of entertainment options, but, like forums, they also provide opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals.

As we head into 2024 and beyond, we’re likely to see more and more virtual gatherings in the online entertainment world, so be part of a big new trend!

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