State Bicycle Co. & Bob Marley Bike Collab

State Bicycle Co. & Bob Marley Bike Collab

State Bicycle Co. has just revealed an electrifying new partnership with none other than the icon Bob Marley. Set to debut on April 20th, this exclusive bicycle collection promises to thrill cycling enthusiasts everywhere.

Photo Credit: Daxiao Productions

Established in 2009, State Bicycle Co. set out with a mission to ignite and nurture a passion for cycling. Over the years, the company has expanded its offerings to include city bikes, high-performance fixed-gear bicycles, geared bikes, as well as a wide array of bike parts, accessories, components, and apparel. Evolving alongside the cycling landscape, State Bicycle Co. has tailored its products to cater to diverse riding styles and terrains, whether it be pavement, off-road, urban streets, trails, courses, or mountains.

At its core, the brand stands for delivering top-notch, affordable cycling gear that resonates with avid cyclists.

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The collaboration between Bob Marley and State Bicycle Co. promises to captivate cyclists with its celebration of Marley’s music and cultural legacy, the spirit of unity in cycling, and a commitment to sustainable living. This limited-edition collection features a Klunker bike and hemp accessories, with more exciting details set to be unveiled next week. The unveiling of the “save the date” aims to generate anticipation among both dedicated cyclists and fans of Bob Marley. This collection celebrates the legacy of the iconic Jamaican Reggae musician.

This groundbreaking partnership merges the iconic music and cultural influence of Bob Marley with the joy of cycling outdoors. This 4/20, make sure to visit the State Bicycle Company website to secure your very own Bob Marley bike and be part of this unique collaboration.

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