Bella Hadid Launches Spring / Summer Collection

Bella Hadid Launches Spring / Summer Collection

Bella Hadid is a supermodel, entrepreneur and now… designer! Following her debut as a designer with the German retailer About You, she recently released a Spring / Summer collection. Inspired by the 2000s, it is a perfect option for those who want to incorporate Hadid’s personal style into their wardrobes. Much of her clothing is vintage or archival and thus, unachievable for her fans apart from cheap knockoffs. But, a line from Hadid herself ensures that the clothes stay somewhat true to their original inspiration. 

Bella Hadid x About You: The Collection

Comprising 54 pieces, the collection ranges from dreamy, pilgrim-esque skirts to shiny biker jackets. For the spring, faux leather jackets in red, beige and brown alongside a light plaid coat are the outerwear offered. This color scheme continues further, with milkmaids tops and midi skirts coming in fire red or pastel pinks. Despite the use of a traditionally bold color, much of Hadid’s collection feels subdued. Her line constantly straddles the line between romance and rebellion, a seductive feeling of nostalgia.

When she does feed into one, the result is satisfying. Micro skirts, floral dresses, tops with lace trims are available for her feminine customers. But, those who prefer androgyny will like the vests, funky button-ups and sporty cardigans also offered. 

Where Hadid’s line struggles is when she leans too far back and uses trends that are unflattering altogether. The pleated midi pants that toe the line between business casual and casual are too reminiscent of the worst of the 2000s. But these faux pas are few and far between. 

Unlike the standard many have come to expect of retailers, quality is a consideration for Hadid. When able, the clothing material is made of cotton, wool, linen or even bamboo. The result is a price point that many would say is too high but reasonable for the quality. 

The price points range from $32.50 to $135.90. 

Take a look at some of the best pieces from the collection:  

Featured Image Via About You Website

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