What It Takes to Become An “It” Brand

What It Takes to Become An “It” Brand

Amidst the highly competitive landscape surrounding the fashion and beauty markets, becoming the next “it” brand is a coveted status which many aspire to. The kind of brand which becomes a fixture in the cultural zeitgeist and becomes a household name – one consumers can identify immediately. Becoming the next “it” brand is no small feat and something many strive for but so few manage to achieve.

If you’ve scrolled on social media in the last year or so, chances are you’ve seen the ripple effects of several “it” brands firsthand. But beyond the distinctions amongst brands in the marketplace lies a few commonalities. The anatomy of an “it” brand can be tricky to navigate, though it’s imperative that a brand who seeks to achieve a status such as that the right steps are taken to do so. At the core of a successful “it” brand in today’s industry is a foundation built to last beyond simply virality and attention on social networking platforms.


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Virality on social media is undoubtedly an asset to a brand and can be invaluable depending on the premise of a product. But above all else, a brand must strive to maintain consumers’ attention and longevity in the marketplace. The buzz from a viral TikTok or Instagram post ultimately fizzles out, so what should a plan of action look like when this occurs. A brand must have something about it which makes consumers willing to stay after one product release or social media post. As a brand, what are YOU doing that no one else is doing? How are you as a brand superior to competitors? Why should a consumer be convinced to purchase from you?

Hailey Bieber’s Rhode Lip Phone Cases took the internet by storm earlier this year, after the model and socialite teased her brand’s latest release via her Instagram. The phone case shows just how much the brand understood not only the assignment, but the struggle many experience when rifling through their things to find a lip product and offered a solution. Rhode’s latest product comes off the heels of the success of the brand’s launch, in which they debuted their fan favorite lip tints. The new product and its rollout are indicative of Bieber’s ability to leverage the brand’s popularity and to sustain it for a long period of time. 


rare beauty blushes in hope and worth💗 which one’s your fave?✨ #rarebeauty #liquidblush #blushrecommendations

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Selena Gomez’s Rare Beauty Soft Pinch Liquid Blush has continued to be heralded by fans since its release back in 2020. The product features a showstopping pigment, crafted with a sensitive-skin-friendly formula. Fans raved about the little product needed to be used, its blending ease, and how a little went a long way. Other makeup brands such as e.l.f Beauty followed suit by introducing their own liquid blushes after noticing the fanfare of Rare Beauty’s product and sought to emulate it. Rare Beauty earned the trust of their customers with this product, which is why their Soft Pinch Lip Oils were sold out in just 12 hours last year.


On todays episode of is it blush or has she caught something highly contagious? Ft @Rare Beauty liquid blush in the shade Lucky! I am definitely feelinf lucky with this gorgeous higly PIGmented blush 😏 #muslimah #fypシ #blackhijabi #greenscreenvideo #viral #makeuptiktok #makeuptutorial #makeuptrend #blackgirlfriendlymakeup

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The fashion and beauty markets are filled with loud, crass and predictable brands. But rare is a brand that simply whispers, which cuts through the saturation of them. You need more than simply the insurance of celebrity to stay relevant, because it’s about wielding this power and influence to your brand’s advantage. Dominating the cultural zeitgeist is ultimately about combating a hyper-competitive landscape of products through differentiation.

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