Kering Signs Parternship with French Ministry of Labor

Kering Signs Parternship with French Ministry of Labor

Kering and the French Ministry of Labor have signed a partnership charter for the “integration of young people, vulnerable individuals and people with disabilities, with the aim of supporting them in the job market.” It was signed on April 19, 2022.

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The partnership is based on three main commitments: (1) one young person, one solution; (2) one young person, one mentor; and integration. 

The one young person, one solution commitment is focused on recruiting young people with permanent and fixed-term contracting, paying particular attention to those from disadvantaged urban areas and with disabilities. Kering is planning to establish partnerships with companies that specialize in the employment of disabled people across France. Schools and universities will be joining this partnership to promote workforce integration, making their recruitment more diverse and improving their recruitment and training practices.

The one young person, one mentor focus is committed to supporting young people from middle schools, high schools, and universities by assigning them mentors, i.e. volunteer employees at all levels of responsibility. Kering is encouraging employees to spend some of their paid working hours volunteering for young people. The “Giving Back” program forms part of that commitment by raising awareness amongst its employees. It will also encourage them to volunteer for non-profit mentoring organizations. 

The integration commitment seeks to support various non-profits through direct assistance. Kering is leading a mentoring project with several universities based in the Ile-de-France region. 

The Chief People Officer at Kering, Béatrice Lazat, said of the charter, “We are delighted to sign this charter in partnership with the French Labor Ministry in order to strengthen our workforce integration policy, which is directed in particular towards young, vulnerable and disabled people. At Kering, we are working to achieve ever greater diversity in terms of the talent we recruit, and we support each of them right the way through their careers. This charter should help us go even further with these efforts.”

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