Skinbuzz: Natural Skincare Beauty Essentials For Summer Travels

Skinbuzz: Natural Skincare Beauty Essentials For Summer Travels

For natural skincare away from home sweet home, Skinbuzz’s Facial Kit is a travel must-have. Its compact size is perfect for any carry on if you’re traveling by plane and keeps your essential cleanser, toner, moisturizer and clay mask all in one place.

 Each kit also includes a headband to keep hair back along with an activated charcoal and bamboo face cloth for luxurious softness no hotel towel can beat.

 In addition to your daily cleansing regimen, don’t forget to pack Skinbuzz’s organic mineral sunscreen for those sunny days ahead!

 Its fast-absorbing texture makes it hard to believe it’s a powerful SPF 30 sunscreen. It’s also ocean safe for those beach vacations.

Aside from feeling pampered with high-quality skincare you didn’t have to visit the spa for, it’s the natural ingredients that make SkinBuzz the “queen bee” of your essential travel brands.

Ingredients to Buzz About:



 All organic



 Sustain-ably sourced from the world of bees.

As an esthetician, acne specialist and mom, Nicole Sullivan was often asked for recommendations on kid and teen-friendly skin care products. She never had a good answer until she founded Skinbuzz.  She created these healthy, natural products with the help of her daughter Sofia. Afterall, how could she create a skincare line for kids without a kid’s input? Her overall goal is for kids to WANT to take care of their skin because clean, natural skin care is really all anyone needs. With Skinbuzz product line, it’s easier than ever to pass on the ritual of great skincare to the next generation.

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