Skin Care Sunday: My Night Routine

Skin Care Sunday: My Night Routine

Written By: Asheea Smith

So here it is, Sunday night all over again; a time to fully unwind the mind and soul. Maybe you enjoy a glass of wine (or a few), watch movies with loved ones, or chef up a lovely dinner. But whatever you do, you and I both know your night routine needs to be on point.  How else are you going to cover up all the late nights? You want to look refreshed and prepped for Monday.


10:30 P.M.

I know this sounds weird, but I’m totally a “face soaker”. After wiping the day off with my favorite Clinique’s “Take The Day Off ” makeup remover (I’m so clever), I love to wet my face with some warm water and pat my cheeks, forehead and chin. Let that sit, rinse again, and pat. This helps to prep my skin for a good wash.

For the sake of being cliche, but quite honest; I’d like to admit that I swear by black soap. A little takes you a long way with a lavish lather and smooth finish. It’s gentle on my lash line and doesn’t leave my skin tight or irritated.

I finish my wash with Clinique’s Clarifying Lotion 2.  The pink bottle is my favorite! I’m the “Hit-it-and-quit” type when it comes to beauty and cosmetics. I never remember what I had unless I loved it, and this is surely always on my list.

Lastly, Rosehip oil is a must-have! My face, damp with 4 drops of Rosehip oil and BOOM! I have incredible skin. I advise everyone to try Rosehip for one month. It will transform your skin for the better for sure. This is all coming from someone who was scared to try oils at all a year ago. I swore it would cause breakouts! If you worry about that, don’t. It has removed lines in my skin and has certainly aided in balancing my tone and texture. Easily one of my newest beauty obsessions.

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