Show Me The Money: 2022’s Biggest Hair Trends

Show Me The Money: 2022’s Biggest Hair Trends

In 2021 we saw the “money piece” color trend take off. TikToker’s were rocking this look and soon everyone else was too. But now that 2021 is over, more hair trends are soon to follow. 

Color Blocking 

Photo Source: Pinterest

While we’re all sad to see the ‘money pieces” go (or at least I am), high contract dye jobs seem like it’s here to stay. TikTokers and hairstylists alike are predicting that color-blocked hair is going to be trending in 2022. 

We saw this trend forming with the “money pieces”, but this new twist on the trend involves a little more imagination. Instead of big blond pieces to frame the face, the blond could be underneath the hair like a little Pick-a-boo moment. Or the blond could cover just one side of the hair. And possibly the most daring variation of all, asymmetrical blond sections throughout the hair. No matter where you place the blocks, the hair is contrasted and edgy. 

Butterfly Cut

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Wolf cuts and short crops were all over social media in 2021 but, hair won’t stay short forever. The butterfly cut is the long version of the wolf cut. 

“It’s a short haircut in a long haircut,” stylist Luke Hersheson told Vogue, “and a style that allows you the ability to wear your hair up at the back, but look like you’ve got shorter hair from the front. It’s called a butterfly because the idea is that the hairstyle offers two completely different looks.” 

The “butterfly cut” is perfect for growing out curtain bangs. Essentially, the style is two very distinct layers, one is a little under chin length (like grown-out curtain bangs). This hairstyle is super versatile and gives you the option to show off the shorter crop while having the freedom to play with length.

Warm Tones/ Expensive Browns

Photo Source: Instagram

Ashy tones are out, and warm, golden tones are taking their place. This winter celebrities have been trading out their ashy blonds for iconic warm browns. In early December 2021, Billie Eilish shocked fans on her insta with a photo back with her brown hair and the caption “Miss me?” And Eilish isn’t the only celeb going back to their roots. Expensive brunette is taking over this winter and we’re all here for it. 

For anyone who doesn’t want to completely change their hair color, warm tones are still for you. Copper hair and warm strawberry or golden blond is making an appearance on social media. Basically, the point of this trend is to take your natural hair color and spruce it up with a warmer tone.

Bottleneck Bangs

Photo Source: Instagram

This trend is for anyone who wants to spice up their old curtain bangs. Bottleneck bangs are longer on the sides, but with some wispy pieces across the forehead. 

“The bottleneck bang is fringe that’s shorter in the center and gets longer as it protrudes out, just like the shape of a bottle,” Stylist Glenn Ellis told STYLECASETR. These bangs look great with practically every hair length. They especially blend really well with the super layered haircuts that are popular right now. 

Just like the expensive brunette trend, celebrities are already being seen wearing this hair trend. Lily Collins has been posting pics on her Instagram wearing this chic hairstyle. This trend is a bit scary, but the good news is if you hate your new bangs, you can grow them out and try the “butterfly cut”.

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