Rihanna Releases More Summer Fenty Beauty Products

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Rihanna is kicking off the summer right for her fans and also those who are huge users of Fenty Beauty. The summer line will include the brand’s second-ever eyeshadow palette, an eye primer, new brushes, and a new liquid liner.

Rihanna back in May launched “Beach Please” and also is starring in the movie Ocean’s 8, Rihanna announced via Instagram that another Fenty Beauty line will be released July 6 via Intagram.

The  collection will consists of a  Moroccan Spice palette, which is Fenty Beauty’s second-ever eyeshadow palette. It features adiamond-shaped shimmer and matte shades in toasty hues. Also now included will be a Pro Filter Eye Primer. For ladies who are looking to prep lids for shadow and also two new millennial pink eyeshadow brushes. This is the way to start your summer. Rihanna is honestly starting off her summer great and looks like she wants everyone else to as well.


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Rihanna Releases More Summer Fenty Beauty Products