NEW BEAUTY/SKINCARE LAUNCH: Thayers Premium Facial Mists

NEW BEAUTY/SKINCARE LAUNCH: Thayers Premium Facial Mists

The perfect addition to your new Fall or late summer skincare routine – bursting with therapeutic, energizing, and nourishing botanicals, the NEW line of THAYERS Premium Facial Mists will leave skin radiant, soothed, and fresh all day long. Each unique premium mist features a unique set of natural botanicals formulated to address an array of skin concerns and yield targeted benefits …Plus, each mist features THAYERS celebrated proprietary blend of certified organic Witch Hazel and Aloe Vera offer hydrating, antibacterial, and antioxidant benefits that bring about a natural glow.




THAYERS Coconut Rose Awakening Facial Mist
{WAKE UP} – A water-based specialty mist developed to cleanse, hydrate and wake-up tired-looking skin with energizing botanicals. Ingredients including caffeine, ginseng, and hyaluronic acid gives skin the boost it needs to start the day. And have no fear––the pretty pink color is all-natural, derived from sweet potato extract.


THAYERS Pomegranate Açaí Antioxidant Facial Mist
{PROTECT} – Protect your skin from the environmental factors you face every day with a gentle naturally colored, water-based specialty premium mist was formulated to cleanse, hydrate and protect skin with nourishing botanicals such as green tea, apple peel, and acerola cherry. Each unique nourishing ingredient fights free-radical damage from environmental exposure, paired with the power of hyaluronic acid to provide intense, binding moisture.


THAYERS Cucumber Watermelon Calming Facial Mist
{CALM} – A water-based naturally colored specialty mist developed to cleanse, hydrate and calm skin with therapeutic botanicals such as chamomile, stonecrop, and passionflowerHyaluronic acid provides intense, binding moisture while soothing the senses – and your skin.

THAYERS Premium Facial Mists ($12.99 each) are currently on and fine retailers nationwide.


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