Natural Hair: How it Changed the Industry

Natural Hair: How it Changed the Industry

From short cropped do’s, to all of the iconic 90s hairstyles such as box braids, platinum blonde hair, micro braids, mushrooms cuts, or even finger waves. Hair has evolved as of 2019. Natural hair has been the rise of popularity through all social platforms and the industry itself. As of today we have millions of women that are embracing their natural curl, wave or fro.

Natural hair has become a sense of self-identify in this era. Many have stories about their hair follicles that grow from their scalp. However, through the change there has been instilled fear from African American women who choose to embrace their natural hair, but it lack’s professionalism in the eyes of the discriminators. Even though there is a law put in places that denies unlawful discrimination of any kind in the workplace, etc and equal employment opportunities to all races.

Who are we to decide what unprofessional?  when the opinion is merely based on our own personal view or what that person is used to.  Natural hair is a signature of black culture.

All hair does not have to be styled the same. There are numerous amounts of natural hairstyles that are appropriate for different work environments that consist of braids, updos, twist-outs, braid-outs, buns and more. This natural hair movement has encouraged women to expand beyond their local areas in the U.S to global areas. Entrepreneurial black business owners have added a variety of products for black hair such as:



The industry also has involved celebrities that use their platform to express economic empowerment for all women of color and the power of change. To show that there is power in positivity and instead of tearing women apart, it is celebrate them through any envious or judgmental doings. These women include:

  1. Zoe Kravitz
  2. Lauryn Hill
  3. Lupita Nyong’o
  4. Alicia Keys
  5. Yara Shahidi
  6. Jill Scott
  7. Amanda Stenberg
  8. Eryka Badu
  9. Issa Rae
  10. Tracee Ellis Ross
  11. Kerry Washington
  12. Viola Davis
  13. Oprah Winfrey
  14. Janell Monaé
  15. Lisa Bonet
  16. Zendaya

and so much more…

To want change, you have to be prepared for all doors of criticism, but strong enough to stand on your own as well.


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