Too Much Sun? There’s a Sheet Mask for that!

Too Much Sun? There’s a Sheet Mask for that!

We all know that basking in the sunshine is not something we should do, but yet, it just feels so good. For those times when that precious face has got a little too red, Leaders Cosmetics (the #1 sheet mask in the world!) has a solution.

Too Much Fun in the Sun: (shown above) This mask calms and soothes sunburnt skin. The 100% cotton mask is made from all-natural ingredients which have been tested by dermatologists and are safe for sensitive skin.


Pina Colada Hydrating Mask: Contains coconut water which hydrates, and pineapple which revitalizes skin. This coconut gel mask has a high moisture lock-in capability which adheres very closely to your face, making sure that your skin is receiving every last drop of the serum.


Aloe Soothing Renewal Mask: A daily cotton sheet mask that relieves sensitive skin from internal and external stressors with soothing aloe extract. The mask contains organic aloe vera leaf extract which relieves tired skin from external factors and cactus extracts which supply an extra shot of moisture. Perfect for skin that has been over-exposed to UV rays.


Amino Teatree Mask: This cotton mask has 17 different types of amino acids, which are natural moisturizing factors. It helps to moisturize, protect, and soothe your skin by supplementing the essential ingredients for skin composition. Perfect for skin that is sunburnt.


Caribbean Coconut Calming Mask: Coconut from the Caribbean region instantly soothes and calms irritated skin to relieve redness and even out skin tone. Its high Vitamin E content activates skin soothing properties, especially helpful for skin that is overexposed to sunlight. Like the Pina Colada mask, this, too is a coconut gel mask.

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