Makeup Primers that EVERYONE Needs in their Routine!

Using a primer or a moisturizer before putting any makeup on your face is crucial to making it last, making your skin look healthy and glowy and the overall health of your skin. Not putting a solid layer of moisturizer/primer can cause creasing in foundation/concealer, and breakouts. These are primers that work well in all types of skin!

  1. Tatcha Silk Canvas Protective Primer– $52
    • Adding this primer, makes your face makeup glide on very easily and helps improves pores, oiliness, dullness a and uneven texture. 
  2. BECCA Cosmetics First Light Priming Filter Face Primer– $39
    • This primer has a purple, cool tone to it so because of that, it evens out your skin tone while adding radiance and brighter looking skin. 
  3. NARS Radiance Primer Broad Spectrum SPF 35 Sunscreen– $36
    • Of course what makes this product even better is the fact that it has SPF in it. It’s very important to add that into your makeup routine especially if you know you’re going to be in the sun all day. PRO tip: adding a little bit of this goes a long way so make sure to not overdue it especially if you have oily skin and focus on high points on the face.
  4. Charlotte Tilbury Wonderglow Face Primer– $55
    • What I love most about this product is that this can be used with or without makeup. To use this without makeup all you have to do is put on your own moisturizer and then add this to your cheekbones and highlighted areas to have sun kissed skin. 
  5. Dominque Cosmetics Ultra Hydrating Complexion Primer– $28
    • This product makes your skin very soft and melts perfectly with your foundation. This is a collaboration with JadeyWadey180, who is a popular influencer and esthetician also comes with a setting spray to complete your dewy skin dreams. 

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Makeup Primers that EVERYONE Needs in their Routine!