Let’s Talk Face

Let's Face it

Let’s Talk Face

What is the number one thing that penetrates your skin 24/7? Hmmm…you may have guessed it (or maybe not) but it’s pollution. NYC dermatologist states “Pollution microparticles are 20 times smaller than your pores, so they easily infiltrate the skin.”After these particles have entered the skin, they attack cell DNA and overtime cause our next door “friendly” neighbors next door; wrinkles, fine lines, dryness, inflammation and uneven tone. So let’s talk face.

So let’s talk face…

Experts say digital light pollution is also a threat. You know, emitted light from your phone, tablet, computer, TV or any other high energy visible light devices. (I would have never thought light could be considered as pollution) They cause free radical damage to the skin, alike as UV light does but penetrates the skin more deeply. Another expert, aesthetic doctor Barbara Sturm, MD stated: “high energy visible light or HEV can destroy DNA skin cells and lead to premature aging and cellular death.” Well, that sucks. This may be a good time to get off those highly lit devices if you want to preserve that glowing, youthful skin of yours.

let's talk face

What can we do increase our skin’s natural defenses?

Create a protective layer in the morning. Engleman advises applying an antioxidant serum to block free radical damage and block digital particles with a product that is designed to create a membrane or film protecting the pores. Lastly, never forget your mineral sunscreen which contains titanium dioxide and zinc oxide to act as a shield on the skin’s surface against the digital light. I, personally use mineral sunscreen because my skin is too sensitive to the chemical sunscreens.

At night, make sure you give your skin gets the deep cleaning it deserves. Using a facial brush, Engleman states “Ultrasonic devices, like Clarisonic, loosen pollution particles from the pores, so they can be easily removed.” Don’t forget to treat it with some micellar water or essence (I love essence) and follow up with a charcoal mask. Engleman notes “activated charcoal helps to clear out superficial toxins before they can do serious damage. I may have to start getting my charcoal game up.

Finally, we want to repair our skin and DNA while we sleep. You use topical treatments that will repair the skin’s cells. Another option is to detox your body with vitamin B3 with 500 mg and intake twice a day. It has shown to boost DNA repair and decrease the signs of early aging as well. Dermatologist Ronald Moy, MD states “when your circadian rhythm is not operating at peak condition, you are damaging your skin’s ability to protect and heal itself.”

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