Kid-Friendly & Baby Safe Beauty Products For Your Little Ones

Kid-Friendly & Baby Safe Beauty Products For Your Little Ones


Are you looking for kid-friendly/baby safe beauty products for an upcoming story? I’ve rounded up a list of 11 kid-friendly beauty and skincare brands that are safe and gentle enough for your little one’s skin. From non-toxic nail polish to kid safe sunscreen, and goat milk infused lip balms to birthday cake scented lotion, you’ll feel good knowing exactly what is going on your kid’s body.


Puttisu Sun Cushion

Price: $29.99

Protect children’s delicate skin from the sun when they’re having fun outside! Puttisu sunscreen is hypoallergenic for sensitive skin and has a light, smooth, finish. Packaged in a compact reminiscent of makeup, she’ll look at sunscreen as something glamorous to put on. Puttisu uses an active sun-protecting mineral formula to ensure the product is just as protective as it is fun for her to use. Broad Spectrum SPF 50+


Puttisu Non-Toxic, Peel Off Nail Polish

Price: $14.99

As your child will adore the shiny, sparkling colors capped off with a fun character head brush, parents will love the contents even more. Puttisu features non-toxic nail color that easily peels off. Puttisu nail polishes are water-based and non-toxic. In fact, it eliminates 18 different harmful chemicals usually found in nail polish from its formula. The kid-captivating brand replaces the bad with the good using natural extract oils such as olive, argan, macadamia and moringa oils that protect, hydrate and nurture her growing nail beds.


Fizz & Bubble

Price for Body Frosting (lotion) $12

Kiddos will love “frosting” their skin with birthday cake scented lotion. Founded in 2008 by Kimberly Mitchell, Fizz & Bubble artisan-made, dessert-themed bath and body products have made a name for themselves in self-care with blissful scents and moisturizing benefits that are even sweeter. Products contain all-natural and biodegradable ingredients that are eco-friendly and child-safe. These dessert collections are free of animal ingredients and animal-testing and unnecessary chemicals.



Price:  $27 for a 12 pack variety

Made with love and passion, Lifearound2angels isn’t just another Bath Bomb.  Many of the Bath Bombs on the market contain chemicals and unhealthy ingredients but Lifearound2angels bath bombs contain all natural ingredients that are gentle for all skin types and easily absorbed to leave skin silky soft.  Available in a wide range of colors and amazing fragrances like kumquat, watermelon, tart green apples, and cantaloupe. Lifearound2angels have become a gift giving phenomenon rising to #1 on the Amazon gift list with over 13,000 customer reviews and 4.9 out of 5 stars.



Price: $19.99

Everyone knows it’s important to use sunscreen while playing outside! Kidskin, an affordable skincare line for preteens and teens, makes all their formulas in the USA including their popular SPF 30 broad-spectrum sunscreen. Made with zinc oxide, red algae extract (a naturally powerful UV-absorbing substance), and other natural ingredients. UVA and UVB protection plus hypoallergenic and dermatologist-tested. Kidskin daily sunscreen will take the guesswork out of finding a safe sunblock for the entire family! Check out their safe and effective acne and sensitive skincare products for all ages too.


CLn Body Wash

Price: $20.00

Safe for ages 6 months and older, this physician designed gentle formula is for hands and body prone to infection, eczema, rash, redness, irritation and folliculitis.  CLn BodyWash is a new approach to challenging skin.  For years, physicians have known that medicated baths can effectively cleanse compromised skin and decrease the spread of infection. CLn partnered with leading dermatologists to create a sodium hypochlorite wash. It harnesses the most important ingredient of medicated baths in the form of a clinically proven, effective daily cleanser that won’t ruin clothes and is gentle on the skin.


Dionis Lip Balm Set

Price: $12.99 (3-pack gift set)

Dionis lip balms are twice the size of a standard lip balm. These natural beeswax balms are infused with natural Goat Milk, Shea Butter and Coconut Oil to repair chapped lips and keep moisture in.  This value set comes with three of the brand’s most popular fragrances: Coconut Cream, Vanilla Bean and Milk & Honey.  Dionis products are cruelty free, paraben-free and made in the U.S.A.


Lavender Oil Nature Soothing Duo from Nature By Canus

Price: $24.99

Perfect for all skin types, Nature By Canus offers bath essentials for kids of all ages.  The Silky Body Wash and Creamy Body lotion are infused with fresh Canadian goat’s milk for hydration.  Goat’s milk is traditionally recognized for containing moisturizing fatty acids, vitamins A (retinol) and B3 (niacin), potassium, zinc and selenium making this lotion the ultimate source of nourishment for your skin. Nature By Canus products are free of parabens and phosphates, artificial colors and are never tested on animals.


CocoOil Organic Baby Oil with Lavender

Price: $24.99

Perfect for your little one’s sensitive skin, CocoOil’s Baby Oil with Lavender will not only nourish but also protect your baby’s skin. Even better? It smells absolutely heavenly. This staple, certified with fair trade cold pressed organic coconut oil, helps with sleep by providing a calming scent and a warm, relaxing feeling.


Vitality Extracts

Kids Favorite Bundle, price $30.95

Lava stone essential oil diffuser bracelets are perfect for diffusing essential oils and a  great way to help with certain skin conditions kids may have. Made special for children, this bundle includes bracelets with black lava stone beads that include howlite and tiger’s eye stones. Paired with Vitality’s Inner Peace roll on oil, this bundle promotes focus, health, calmness and peace.


Happy Cappy

A Pediatrician’s Solution to soothe dry sensitive, eczema-prone skin. Dr. Eddie’s Happy Cappy Moisturizing Cream for eczema soothes dry, itchy, irritated skin in babies and children of all ages, as well as adults with sensitive skin. This dermatologist-tested, soothing lotion for eczema helps restore the delicate skin barrier and protect it against irritants.

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