Jade Roller and Gua Sha: Depuff Your Face

Jade Roller and Gua Sha: Depuff Your Face

There are many things we do daily to blame for a puffy face. We can blame the ramen noodles with loads of soy sauce, an allergic reaction to makeup or just seasonal allergies. While all those causes can be fixed by water, exercise and a clean diet, jade rollers and Gua Shas can also reduce a puffier appearance. Jade rollers and gua sha are skincare tools that aim to reduce puffiness and promote blood flow in the face naturally.

What is a Jade Roller or Gua Sha?

Photo of Green Jade Roller with Dual Sided rollers, one being larger than the other

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Jade roller: As suggested in the name, a jade roller is a traditional Chinese skincare tool, oftentimes made up of jade or other crystals. This tool features dual-ended rollers that are intended to be rolled on the face to push fluid to other areas of the face and neck. The reason why a jade roller is more special than just rolling anything on your face is that the crystal is cold to the touch. This cold restricts blood flow to a certain area, done by rolling the roller in contoured areas such as like hallows of your cheek or jawbone. You can also use a jade roller to roll in moisturizers or creams into your skin during your skincare routine.

Photo of a Gua Sha, which is a piece of smooth green stone with an indent in the stone to be used along the cheekbone and jawline

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Gua Sha: Another Chinese skincare tool, the Gua Sha performs similarly to the jade roller. With the Gua Sha, you use this tool to scrape across the skin to promote blood flow circulation. Using a Gua Sha is more of a process and requires some learning in order to use it properly. Watch this video on how to properly use a Gua Sha.


What are the benefits of Using a Jade Roller and Gua Sha?

Face massages are great for lymphatic draining. With the jade roller and Gua Sha, both tools provide a deeper massage to your skin and achieve a glowy appearance. Not only is the jade roller and Gua Sha known for depuffing faces, but facial massage also has other benefits. Massaging your skin can also help with:

  • TMJ Pain
  • Natural Remedy for Headaches
  • Sinus Congestion
  • Eye Strain
  • Eye Puffiness

Should I Get a Jade Roller or a Gua Sha?

While both tools perform with similar intentions, they do differ slightly.

The jade roller acts as a beginner’s tool and uses rolling and cold pressure to reduce inflammation quickly. It is pretty simple to use as you roll it on your face and it does not require much instruction. The coldness of the jade roller is great for those who experience sensitive skin, rosacea and any discoloration of the skin. Using a cold jade roller helps calm the skin.

However, with the Gua Sha, this facial massage practice takes more time and instruction than a jade roller. In Gua Sha practice, you use a stone to “scrape” across your skin. So if done improperly, you can actually worsen your skin rather than benefit it. The Gua Sha uses more pressure and aimed at draining fluid to contour the face.

If you find yourself to be somewhat of a newbie to skincare tools, try out the jade roller first. Once you feel more comfortable and do your research, then you can graduate or marry the Gua Sha into your skincare routine.

What are Good Jade Rollers and Gua Shas?

Thankfully, since both jade rollers and Gua Shas are stones, there is not any product that poorly performs like in skincare or makeup. However, if you are looking for recommendations, here are some ideas on good rollers and Gua Shas to begin your depuffing skincare journey.

Mount Lai Gua Sha Facial Lifting Tool ($28) on Sephora.com

Photo of a Gua Sha, a green smooth stone with a heart-shaped indent in the stone to use on jawline, etc.

Photo via Sephora.com

Daily Concepts Gua Sha Jade Tool ($12) on Ulta.com

Photo of a Gua Sha, smooth green skincare tool, next to a box for the tool

Photo via Ulta.com

Osea Gua Sha Sculptor ($32) on Oseamalibu.com

Photo of a green smooth Gua Sha square shaped with a small cutout on the top for sculpting.

Photo via oseamalibu.com

Herbivore Jade De-Puffing Face Roller ($30) on Sephora.com

Photo of a jade roller, it is green with a handle and dual-sided rollers where one is large and the other side is small

Photo via Sephora.com

Jade Rolle with Natural Anti Aging Jade Stone for Face Eye Massage Derma Cream Roller ($4.99) on Amazon.com 

Photo of a green jade roller with dual-sided rollers, one being larger than the other

Photo via Amazon.com

Roselyn Boutique Jade Roller Massage Tool ($24.95) on Amazon.com

Photo of a jade roller with dual sided green rollers on each side on top of an instruction sheet showing a face and how to use the jade roller

Photo via Cosmopolitian.com

Ethons Jade Roller & Gua Sha ($21.99) on Amazon.com

Photo showing a box with a Gua Sha and jade roller on top of it. These rollers are green and the jade roller is dual-sided with rollers while the Gua Sha is a smooth green stone with an indent.

Photo via Amazon.com

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