Introducing JeNu By Trophy Skin!

Introducing JeNu By Trophy Skin!

For some, next best thing to promote beautiful, youthful skin calls for a new fad secret ingredient, but for estheticians, the next big thing in revolutionary skincare is new technology. This is exactly what JenNu by Trophy Skin brings to the market.

The JenNu system works in two parts with the Infusion Gels that you apply to your face and the Plus Infuser that delivers ultrasonic energy to increase absorption. This small tool delivers six times the absorption an average skincare product can provide. Finish with JenNu’s Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum for visibly plumped, firm and supple looking skin.

JenNu’s Plus Infuser comes in gold and rose gold colors retails for $199 on their website. Each Infuser comes with a free 1 oz. Infusion Gel, other products are sold separately.

Trophy Skin is on a mission to provide everyone with the knowledge and tools to look and feel beautiful. They’ve hacked the professional beauty services industry to bring you these effective and easy to use products at an extremely affordable price. Achieving bright, smooth, younger looking skin doesn’t have to be complicated. Get spa quality results with Trophy Skin at home and spend the extra time out and about this spring showing off that youthful glow.

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