Greek Beauty Brand Uses Dictamelia As Active Ingredient In Their Products!

Greek Beauty Brand Uses Dictamelia As Active Ingredient In Their Products!

Natural care fans will now have a new favorite. We are excited to showcase an acclaimed brand from Greece and the island of Crete, the biggest and most diverse Greek Isle in the South of Aegean sea, the epicenter of ancient knowledge, wellness culture & century old traditions. BIOselect, was founded to represent the local secrets of glamour & longevity, offering a fully natural portfolio of products, imaginatively created to blend modern life needs, tradition and expertise. The brand takes real pride in the world-renowned patent of “Dictamelia”, a powerful active ingredient, used in almost all of its organic products. An ancient remedy, of Olive Oil & endemic plant Dittany, exemplified to convey its healing properties for the skin and serve various applications of beauty and daily care.

Unable to resist a Mediterranean experience from home, consumers are already taking notice of Bioselect making these products their best sellers:

  • Hyaluronic Booster – Boost elasticity and fortify your skin’s natural barrier while moisturizing and filling the fine lines around your face, eyes and lips. Use daily  for toned, plumped and hydrated skin that’s radiant with a healthy glow.
  • Hand & Nail Cream – Nourish nails and soothe skin with natural avocado oil, almond oil, organic olive oil and shea butter, along with pomegranate and ginger extracts to prevent premature aging. It’s gentle yet fast-absorbing cream with no oily traces.
  • Face Scrub & Mask 2 in 1 – Exfoliate and deeply cleanse with bamboo seeds and green clay. Other ingredients include shea butter and natural oils of organic olive, calendula & hemp to nourish dry and dehydrated spots, while vitamin E nourishes and tones your skin. The result is glowing, facial radiance.

With love and respect for the environment, Bioselect has two lines of products: natural and organic. It’s among the first companies and the only complete line of organic cosmetic skincare in the Greek market in cooperation with the prestigious European certification body for organic products (ICEA).

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